5 Ways How TheSmartLocal.com Makes You a Smarter Local

About TheSmartLocal
TheSmartLocal, or known widely as TSL, is Singapore’s leading Travel and Lifestyle portal that offers editorial content and an online database where their members can make review contributions. Founded by Bryan Choo, TSL now has a team of creatives and writers who regularly produce interesting and insightful videos and articles which are being viewed by more than 2 million pairs of eyeballs monthly. I shall share with you, in TheSmartLocal’s popular and famous listicle style, 5 ways how TheSmartLocal makes you… Well, a smarter local! ;)

(1) Smarter Diner

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! I don’t know about you, but I live to eat. TSL is like my smart local food directory where they share food reviews too. It is also one of the sites I visit when I need to get information such as hotel buffets in Singapore or healthy food choices in the CBD area (With delivery services to boot)! With café-hopping being a very popular activity for most people these days, TSL also publishes a monthly summary of the latest dining establishments in Singapore. Click [HERE] to read about the 21 NEW Restaurants and Cafes to Try in May 2016.

 photo TSL_02.jpg

Not an alcohol addict nor close to having the need to attend Alcoholic Anonymous, but I am just someone who enjoys drinking (in moderation, mind you) - While having meals, when I am out on dates, celebrating or chilling out with friends, or even for movie or drama binge-watching nights at home. If you are going to drink outside, leave your car at home, use the money saved from the Happy Hours promotions at these places listed in this TSL article and take a cab/Uber/Grab home. Don't drink and drive!

(2) Smarter Traveller

I loveeeeeeee to travel, so much so that I grabbed the opportunity to be based overseas in London in 2015. I made use of that period of time to live like a local in London and to explore neighbouring European cities. Tons of hours were spent on researching for places to go, stay and eat... Simply time and effort consuming! (If you are keen, check out #ZaUK2015 on Instagram for my UK/Europe pics!)

 photo TSL_04.jpg

For countries nearer to Singapore, you can count on TheSmartLocal as your online travel guide where they have plenty of short and concise travel articles for your vacation needs. Think you have already explored Asia fully already, I will say no unless you actually gone to these 14 places in Asia yet to be discovered (and swamped) by tourists! If you are lamenting that you are unable to head to far places due to 123456789 reasons, there are always the nearby interesting beach holidays that you can consider!

TSL team has so far ventured from Singapore to countries like Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. If you are planning a trip to any of these countries, you know which website to visit.

(3) Smarter Beautiful You

Want to be beautifully dressed up or dolled up? Other than sharing beauty hacks, tips and places to get your beauty woes solved on their website, TSL also has a PrettySmart channel on Youtube to learn beauty and tips. I have zero skills when it comes to hairstyling, so I have to say, I really learnt a few easy-to-do hairstyles in this video hosted by the pretty and chirpy Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly). I totally adore her personality! ;p

(4) Smarter Shopper

Known to be the shopping queen among my pals, I am the person to go to to find out the latest products or promotions (ie. Black  Friday, Cyber Monday, 11/11). But if we are not acquainted or for some reasons that you are unable to ask me for information, then that's where TheSmartLocal comes in --- Introducing to you the latest deals and reviews of products/services offered by retailers! One of their latest articles on cheap deals at Singapore's food factories got me excited and I cannot wait to shop! #closetauntymode

 photo TSL_03.jpg

Shopping smart is not just about getting the most bang for your buck, but it is also about knowing that your purchases are environmentally-friendly or that it helps people in need. It was good to know that there are many retailers in Singapore that practices corporate social responsibility (CSR) by giving back to society in their respective ways. Smart shopper me, thanks to TheSmartLocal!

(5) Smarter Local

TheSmartLocal has interesting articles that make me want to explore this country I called 'Home' in a whole new light --- Exploring the East side of Singapore, up my Instagram game by taking photos that give the optical illusion vibes, and even to know where I can charge my smartphone when its battery life is dying and I am outside with no portable charger. And that includes charging my phone by exercising at a fitness corner - The energy generated by exercising is converted to battery juice for my phone! Save the Earth + Healthy Lifestyle + Battery Life for my Phone??!? Bring it on!

 photo 9899bf61-42f4-4532-90c9-8cd119109d40.jpg

If you have overseas friends visiting Singapore, bring them to local places that is not touristy, or even better... Local places that locals do not even know exist nor have been before. Totally brilliant! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so make a trip to these old-school playgrounds that we used to have in the 90s... Simply glad for this playground list that TSL had compiled.

If you did not grow up in Singapore, be a smarter local in Singapore and learn the unique cultures and lingos found in this article. And if you are a true-blue Singaporean, do read it and see whether you can relate to any of the points stated.


To sum it all, TheSmartLocal offers a magnitude of creative ideas and guides to their site visitors. As inspiring their articles or contributors' lives may be, it is always important to believe in yourself and in your dreams, and even to make some sacrifices (ie. Getting less pay and putting in more hours than your peers). The founder of the site, Bryan Choo, shared the following on his FB (see printscreen below)... And look how well TheSmartLocal is doing now, being one of the most influential media platform in Singapore. In my opinion, that is the most inspiring story of TSL... And that is every Smart Local in Us should do --- FOLLOW YOUR HEART!

*While this post was written in partnership with TheSmartLocal, all opinions remain my own*

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