The X-Men Apocalypse Adventure at 313@Somerset

Have you watched the latest American superhero film, X-Men: Apocalypse, that was just released last week? I did... And boy I was elated to watch yet another movie of the X-men series, especially since I grew up watching the cartoon on weekend mornings. I recommend to watch it in IMAX 3D format, if you are planning to watch it soon.

But just to clarify, there will not be any movie spoilers in this blog post. This is because I am going to share with you the promotions and prizes that 313@Somerset is currently having, which includes a chance to WIN a trip to the Pyramids of Mexico in New Mexico. Read on if you would like to know more! ;)

Only The Strong Will Survive
 photo DSC03416_.jpg

What better way to spend my Saturday afternoon but at 313@Somerset - Where I had the opportunity to take photos with the incredible X-men cosplayers. The cosplayers were really accommodating and nice to pose for the various cameras and smartphones that were pointing at their direction. Fans of X-men also got to take selfies with their favourite X-men characters. Also, I got to pretend to be the female version of Angel, and posed with the Archangel Wings that are on display at the Discovery Walk, 313@Somerset.

 photo DSC03415_.jpg

A group shot with the X-men cosplayers
 photo DSC03398_.jpg

 photo IMG_7583_.jpg

A selfie with Beast
 photo IMG_7592_.jpg

This is funny: A guy wearing a "Superman" tee,
taking a wefie with the X-men cosplayers.
It is like a wefie between Marvel and DC Comics. Lol! 
 photo IMG_7588_.jpg

***If you are a X-Men fan, take part in below contests!!!***
Contest ends 29 May 2016!!!

Contest #1: Win a Trip to New Mexico
A luxury stay in Cancun, a grand visit to Chichen Itza, exhilarating jetpack experiences and more! Spend $50 for a chance to win the ultimate X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Adventure to the Pyramids of Mexico, exclusive movie hamper or 313 shopping vouchers worth $200. Double chances for CLUB313 members, or when you charge your purchase(s) to your Citi card.

Contest #2: Win X-men Luggage Case
Head down to the Discovery Walk (Level 1) at 313@Somerset and snap your most heroic pictures with the Archangel Wings on display. Post the photo on Instagram and hashtag #313XMA. The winner of the best photo wheels away a limited edition X-men Apocalypse luggage case. 3 runner-up winners will receive a $50 313 voucher each.

Perhaps Wolverine and Beast were discussing about taking
part in the contests? :p Don't wait.... You snooze, you lose!!!
 photo IMG_7590_.jpg

So this is my badass Angel pose
 photo image1.jpg

With swords instead of feathers on the wings,
this is the ultimate weapon!
 photo image2.jpg

Stay updated with the latest promotions and events
happening at 313 Somerset via:

View the official 313@Somerset's X-men contest poster
 photo Attachment-1.jpeg

Thanks 313@Somerset for the invite,
as well as for the awesome X-men goodie bag!!!
 photo image3.jpg

 photo image4.jpg

* Post is written in collaboration with 313@Somerset. All views and opinions remain my own.*

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