Welcome to my online travel journal!
This is where all my travel-related blog posts are placed here for easy reference.

I enjoy travelling as it opens up new horizons for me. I love to see marvellous  sights and things, gain new knowledge and experiences, and meet more people. Hence, I always grab the chance for yet another wonderful travel trip, whenever my schedule and finance allow me to do so! :)

Travelling also gives me an opportunity to take beautiful photos. I travel with my DSLR camera and my PNS digital camera. I do capture videos during my travel trips, and this has been all along done using the video capture mode in my PNS digital camera.

I hope I am able to leave my footprints in many parts of the world.
Come, follow me in my travel adventures through this travelogue of mine!

Note: I have not really been very dilligent to blog each and every trip of mine. Please be patient with me. I will be posting them in time to come, for sure! :)

1. Ko Lanta Yai (2010)
- Day 01
- Day 02
- Day 03 (Part 1)
- Day 03 (Part 2)
- Day 04 (Part 1)
- Day 04 (Part 2)
- Day 05

1. Hong Kong & Macau (2010)
- Day 01
- Day 02 (Part 1)
- Day 02 (Part 2)
- Day 03
- Day 04
- Day 05

 1. Genting & Kuala Lumpur (2010)
- Part 1
- Part 2

To be Updated! :)

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