Blogger's Special

This page, Blogger's Special, contains past entries relating to the events, outings, and previews that I attended, as well as products and services that I experienced or tested. In addition, my blog posts that I write in relation to my blog sponsors! Thanks to the respective companies, PR agencies and bloggers for the opportunities and all the sweet and kind invitations so far! :)

UPDATED (31/DEC 2012):  My apologies for my earlier posts which you will not be able to see the photos. I was using Webshots previously to upload my photos onto their website before I linked them and have them in my blog posts. But Webshots have since been acquired and changed to 'Smile'. Well, honestly, there's nothing for me to smile about as whatever photos that are linked to anywhere OUT of Smile, will be nothing but 'broken-linkage images'. You can read [HERE] for more info. Thus, all my photos in my earlier posts are all gone! *CRIES OUT LOUD* After this episode, I started using Photobucket. I hope the same problem that I faced with Webshots will not happen with Photobucket. Wish me luck! ;)

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