Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Media Launch

Ageing is part and parcel of life... This is something that we cannot avoid and we should be comfortable about growing older. Afterall, the older the wine, the more valuable it is. As much as age is just a number, I know the importance of using anti-ageing products since I was in my early 20s. On top of that, I know how important it is for sun/light protection for anti-ageing purposes.

Some friends recently commented that I looked like I did not age in some photos. As much as I would say that good camera angles and lighting do the trick, I do believe that the usage of anti-ageing products and simply being happy and less stressed-out helps too. Like how philosophy states, "The best is yet to come". So do not be overly-concerned about ageing, since there are products and treatments out there to help you slow down the process/looks of ageing... Or at least, to help you look your best despite being older with each passing second. :)

 photo CIMG7132_.jpg

With that, I am happy to share with you the anti-ageing skincare range that I was introduced to... It is the 'ultimate miracle worker' range by philosophy. I attended their fun and informative event, held at Luxe Sydney on a weekday evening. During the event, the speaker shared with us about this beauty brand that hailed from United States.

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philosophy's ultimate miracle worker range
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philosophy's ultimate miracle worker range consists of:
1. Ultimate Miracle Worker Multi Rejuvenating Cream Broad Spectrum SPF25 (Day) - SGD100 for 60ml
2.  Ultimate Miracle Worker Multi Rejuvenating Emulsion Broad Spectrum SPF25 (Day) - SGD100 for 45ml 
3. Ultimate Miracle Worker Night Multi Rejuvenating Nighttime Serum in Cream (Night) - SGD120 for 60ml 
4. Ultimate Miracle Worker Eye Multi Rejuvenating Eye Cream Broad Spectrum SPF15 (Day) - SGD90 for 15ml

philosophy ultimate miracle worker eye cream
 photo CIMG7151_.jpg

philosophy ultimate miracle worker day cream
 photo CIMG7152_.jpg

Testing out philosophy ultimate miracle worker emulsion
 photo CIMG7134_.jpg

Testing out philosophy ultimate miracle worker night serum-in-cream
 photo CIMG7144_.jpg

Healthy + Delicious dinner whipped up by Luxe Sydney's kitchen
 photo CIMG7146_02.jpg

Once the product introduction was completed, we tucked into the splendid dinner provided of varying choices. I had the salmon salad and it was fantastic. It felt like #eatingclean, but with the yummy factor. After we were done with our meal, we proceeded to the hands-on activity, which is to build our own eco-planter. It was the first time that I attempted to do one and it was really fun. Kudos to philosophy and their agency for coming up with the event's activities that fits perfectly to philosophy's philosophy.

Materials required for the DIY eco-planter
 photo CIMG7159_.jpg

 photo CIMG7160_.jpg

 photo CIMG7162_.jpg

 photo CIMG7163_.jpg

 photo CIMG7168_.jpg

 photo CIMG7169_.jpg

I actually made an electrical circuit!
(Look at my pretty nails btw!)
 photo CIMG7170_.jpg

 photo CIMG7172_.jpg

Posing with my finished craft work!
 photo CIMG7174_02.jpg

Goodie bags for attendees to take home
 photo CIMG7153_.jpg

After understanding more about philosophy's ultimate miracle worker range during the event, I was thrilled by this product range which provides the skin with an utmost protection against harmful light, thus allowing the skin to reverse signs of aging. Additionally, I was most delighted to receive the products to try. I have just started using it since the beginning of this month (May 2016). Of which, do look out for my upcoming post where I will review and share more detailed information of the products! Stay tuned!

Much thanks to philosophy and their media agency
for planning this media launch event! :)
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