Fun-filled Friday with Cirque Eloize!

Based on the previous blogpost, which you can click [HERE] to read, you would have known how much I enjoyed myself at the Cirque Eloize iD media event, as well as the performance on the opening night itself. With more than 4000 performances to its credit in over 440 cities and 40 countries, the company aims to amaze their audience with jaw-opening and heart-stopping stunts, alongside a storyline that most can relate to (be it in real life or through the movies/TV shows we watch).

For pictures and videos relating to the Cirque Eloize iD performance, there is [THIS BLOGPOST] that you can go to view at.

For this blogpost, here's some other photos
taken on the day itself...

Took a selfie with Cirque Eloize iD banner board
after the press preview ended
 photo IMG_3586.jpg

A mirror reflection selfie, taken using Panasonic GX7
 photo IMG_3909_.jpg

The press event was in the afternoon, whereby people from the media could interview and take photos, and get to watch a few performances that the talented cast had put up. It was the Opening Night on the same day itself, and I managed to watch it. All thanks to Base Asia for the tickets, and for the media seats!

Yeap,that's me!
 photo P1310563_.jpg

 photo CIMG6902_.jpg

Not only the performers are important...
The people that works in the background are just as vital
to make the whole performance a success!
 photo CIMG6904_.jpg

For the actual performance, media was allowed to take photos during the first ten minutes or so. So I had some photos and videos. The rest of the time, I was simply enjoying myself throughout the show.

 photo CIMG6893_.jpg

Photo taken during the intermission (Using phone)
 photo IMG_3778.jpg

Photo taken during the intermission (Using Camera)
 photo IMG_3914_2.jpg

Meet-and-greet session with Cirque Eloize cast after the show
 photo IMG_3903_.jpg

 photo IMG_3904_.jpg

Thanks to Base Entertainment Asia and the agency for the invites... Though it was my first media collaboration with Base, I have been watching musicals brought in by them, such as CATS, Wicked, The Sound of Music, and my all-time favorite - Phantom Of The Opera! I can literally remember all the lyrics to the songs... And just by listening to the songs, I can visualise the scenes and all the acting. That is how much I love POTO - Ever since I watched it for the first time at Kallang Theatre, and I wasn't even close to 10 years of age back then! Since then, I have watched POTO musicals a few times in my life so far, with the most recent one in London at Her Majesty's Theatre last year (and that's gonna be a blog post for another day). Till then, love more!

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