Beautiful Hair = More Selfies!

I always walk out of Salon De Choix with added confidence.
And that's because I know I look good with amazing hair.
And that was what I felt after seeing how my hair was styled by Chester and Alvin.

 photo DSC05010_2a.jpg

Hence, I could not help but to take more selfies!
We shouldn't let such beautifully-styled hair go to waste right??? :p

14 Selfies
and more

 photo DSC04934_.jpg

 photo DSC04946_2.jpg

 photo DSC04952_2.jpg

 photo DSC04955_.jpg

 photo DSC04962_2.jpg

 photo DSC04964_2.jpg

 photo DSC04980_.jpg

 photo DSC04981_.jpg

 photo DSC04982_.jpg

 photo DSC04993_2.jpg

 photo DSC04997_.jpg

My casual OOTD!
 photo DSC05009_.jpg

And who remember those days when taking selfies
were better known as 'camwhoring'?

I still remembered how my older blog posts had tons
of camwhore photos. Those were the days! Haha! :p

 photo 01a_.jpg

Thanks to Salon De Choix for my
beautiful hair all these while!!! ^_^

 photo DSC05003_2.jpg

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