1-for-1 Promo: The Entertainer x The Pelican

The Pelican bird, as mentioned on this website, is said to be a symbol that holds great affinity with seafarers who would find their way back to land after a long voyage to celebrate their homecoming. And at The Pelican Seafood Bar and Grill, the restaurant aims to provide a comfortable and welcoming setting for their diners.

 photo P1090041_2.jpg

Located at One Fullerton, The Pelican has an indoor seating area, as well as an alfresco deck where a DJ spins lounge music, and with a splendid view of the Marina Bay Sands that is directly opposite, across the river.

 photo DSC06948_.jpg

 photo DSC06951_.jpg

Drinks by the bar counter, maybe?
 photo DSC06952_.jpg

 photo DSC06956_2.jpg

Quiet dining area with round-shaped sofa for a cosy gathering
 photo DSC06953_.jpg

Me at the cosy indoor dining area
 photo DSC06957_2.jpg

If you do recall my blog post back in May (Otherwise, click HERE to read), where I introduced and shared on the perks of The Entertainer app, well... The Pelican is one of their dining partners. This means that if you have the app, you will be able to get a 1-for-1 main course when you dine at The Pelican. And of course, in many other food establishments as well!

Just to share with you, I did visit The Pelican for dinner once, also in May. I was around the area that evening, and had no idea where I should have dinner at. Hence, I simply took out my phone and accessed The Entertainer app, to locate nearby restaurants (Wonderful feature, I must say! For those "I-don't-know-what-or-where-to eat" and "I-don't-have-craving-" moments, especially!). I decided on The Pelican as I thought a view of the Marina Bay area would be wonderful.

And of course, I used The Entertainer app to enjoy the 1-for-1 main course promo.
This was the staff handling the redemption process.
 photo DSC04535.jpg

This was what I had during my own visit in May.
If you had followed me on IG and seen the photo that I posted (and my comments), then you should know what I felt on the food and service at The Pelican back then.
 photo ThePelican02.jpg

I would say, the only good thing about dining here was the fact that I was able to catch the MBS laser light show from the alfresco area where I was sitting, while enjoying the music that the DJ was spinning. Photo below of the MBS and its laser light show was taken when I was having my dinner at The Pelican back then in May.

 photo DSC04563.jpg

But then again, I visited The Pelican recently,
for the second time as I was there to attend an event, 
kindly invited by the wonderful Entertainer team! :)

 photo DSC06946_2.jpg

We had an assortment of tapas food served to us, and it was like a never-ending flow of it. I love oysters, hence I was delighted that it was served  to me over and over again! 

 photo DSC06966_2.jpg

 photo DSC06965_.jpg

This was also served to us... 
Don't know what it was. But it was nice.
 photo DSC06958_.jpg

See the photo below. Yes, that's me. 
But don't focus on me... Look at that glass of drink on the table. 
That is what I am going to share with you about. Read on!

 photo P1090023_2.jpg

The Pelican has an August promotion whereby other than the one complimentary main course that  you will get when you order a main course, Entertainer members will also get unlimited Belvedere cocktails. So, drink to your heart's desire! Just don't drink and drive!~ :p     **SEE PHOTO BELOW**

 photo b1a0c372-0364-4a0b-ad96-f8d01cad0750.png

We had free-flow Belvedere cocktails to drink during the event!
 photo DSC06950_.jpg

 photo DSC06944_.jpg

 photo DSC06945_2.jpg

Usually, there are only 3 vouchers per merchant that one gets per subscription account on an annual basis. But one thing that I like is that The Entertainer will team up with some of its partners to offer different promotions every now and then. And it is an additional bonus voucher.
(See picture below, spot the trophy? That's the additional voucher and there is a time limit to it). 

 photo b7f63dd6-69d4-4138-b2db-f9c66b4bfc04.png

Also, if you have utilised a voucher from the merchant, it will show on the screen as 'Already Redeemed'. Hence, in my case, you can see from the print shot above that I have two remaining vouchers to use at The Pelican until the year end, as well as a bonus voucher that I can use till 01 September 2014!

It was the best day to hold the event by the Marina Bay
as there was the full dress rehearsal for the (then) upcoming
National Day Parade and we could see the fireworks from The Pelican!
What a strategic location! 

 photo DSC06962_.jpg

 photo DSC06960_.jpg

Instead of standing by the Bay, I could sip my Belvedere cocktails while seated comfortably and watch the fireworks display.
 photo P1090034_2.jpg

Below were some firework shots taken...
 photo DSC06999_.jpg

 photo DSC07000_.jpg

 photo DSC07002_.jpg

 photo DSC07003_.jpg

 photo DSC07006_.jpg

If you want to know how to download the app, click this blog post to find out:  http://felizaong.blogspot.sg/2014/05/the-entertainer-phone-app-for-1-for-1.html

If you want to find out more on The Entertainer, 
check out their sites:

But then again, don't think... JUST SUBSCRIBE TO THE APP!
Go to your app store now and download this app.
There's so much $$$savings$$$ waiting for you!!!


Try out the app for ONE MONTH,  for just SGD19.
Top uo another SGD76 after one month if you choose to use the app till year end.
Full app allows you to redeem your offers till 31 December 2014.

To purchase your one-month access to the Entertainer app, click on below link:
And do key in the unique promo code: @feliza.
This offer expires on 01 September 2014, get yours today!


Since April 2014, this is the amount that I have saved so far!
(As of 26 August 2014)
 photo df112da2-1519-4c72-8985-8fdfae245d0e.png

And this is an estimation only.
Because the app shows an automated saving amount based on the average menu price..
For example, it was reflected that I saved $29.33 when I dined at LeVeL33 last Thursday.
However, in actual fact, I saved close to SGD50!
Thus, I have actually saved more than $530 thus far!!! ^_^

So... If you ask me if this app is worth it to fork out initial money for, I will say YES, YES, YES!!!

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26 August 2014 at 21:02

Seems like a nice place with delicious food. (Y)

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