#ThrowBackThursday: Lights! Camera! Action!

 I was never the kind that have tons of trophies... I could only recall two which I have received. One was for a coloring competition in pre-school, and the other was for being a finalist for Miss Singapore International beauty pageant. The rest were simply medals, or that I did not win at all.

Of recent years, I did not receive a trophy. But my friend, Smith, did. He bagged the 'Best Lifestyle Blog' title in this year's OMY Singapore Blog Awards. Throughout the years of friendship with him, I got to know him as a humorous guy, and one who speaks his mind and airs his opinions openly (Even if it is about sex or whatever scandalous things you can think of. LOL).

A week after his win, the reigning champion asked if I would like to be a part of a video with him, along with his friend Terry, and videographer Xian Rong. Smith said it was to demonstrate 10 things to do with a trophy (which he received for the above-mentioned award).

Sounds interesting already!

I said "Yes", of course! Afterall, I could finally be starring one of such "Top 10" or those "10 types" kind of videos!!! Yes, videos from the likes of Dan Khoo,  WahBanana and NOC (for example), bring sniggers and LOL moments during the many quiet, lonely (and sometimes, partner-less) nights of mine. Who knows, I (or Smith or Terry) can humor you as well?

So we did the filming one morning...
And this is our video, click below to watch! 

Special thanks to Xian Rong for shooting and editing the video.
I love both visual and sound effects that he added!!!
He does mainly wedding-related shoots, of which you can check his works [HERE]. 

Just so you know, I was involved in TVCs, corporate videos, 
local/foreign drama series and variety shows in the past...
But that was many years ago.
Doing this latest video actually brought back fond memories of
being infront of a camera, acting away. :)
This is my #ThrowBackThursday moment haha!

Please feel free to leave a comment to feedback on the video!
This video was done just for fun, no intention to annoy, upset, insult or disgust anyone! ;p

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