Review - Movie Premiere of 'Captain America : The Winter Soldier

A long-time good friend of mine (in the media industry) had tickets for last night's movie premiere screening of the much-awaited Marvel movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And I was one of the lucky ones to have watched it first... Before it starts screening in the cinemas today. Hence, I thought I would share about it with you guys!

 I am not exactly a fan of the Marvel comic books, but when it comes to superhero or action flicks, I am all in. As much as the latest sequel to the '300' movie (I was anticipating for it) was simply too disappointing for me after watching it, I was wondering how the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger would fare. And to be honest, I am totally blown away by the movie that it kept me on the edge of my seat (Not literally, of course) for the full 136 minutes!


In this movie plot, Captain America (Steve Roger, played by the dashing-looking Chris Evans) joined S.H.I.E.L.D, and it started off by Captain America jumping down the plane (without parachute, mind you), on a mission along with the other S.H.I.E.L.D members, to successfully rescue hostages onboard a hijacked ship.

Upon knowing that the mission was for another mission (assigned to Black Widow aka Natasha Romanov, played by Scarlett Johansson), he questioned the S.H.I.E.L.D director, Nick Fury, which the latter brought him to view the organisation's work which was in progress at the Triskelion - To launch three mega-sized helicarriers which have an insane weaponry system. Nick explained the purpose of these large ships was to eliminate evil-doers, and potential threats.

Identifying the potential evil-doers were through complex algorithms such as SAT scores, voting choices, etc, as well as from spy satellites. To be honest, this form of 'spying' and analysis is scary, and like what Captain America responded to it, "This isn't freedom - It's fear". Without doubt, such a massive massacre only instils fear in people, and would not bring upon any form of freedom or safety. With such an engaging  real-life political plot infused into the movie, I cannot help but to relate it to socio-political issues that are present in today's world, such as with corrupted government officials, conflicting ideologies, scheming political plots, rebellion and blind obedience.

The appearance of an assassin/villain with an iron arm, the Winter Soldier, who very much possesses comparable strength and speed to Captain America, made the fight scenes to be simply more exciting, or may I say, exhilarating. When it was revealed that the Winter Soldier, was in fact, Bucky, the best pal of Steve Rogers during their good old days, it led to certain scenes which depict the basis of friendship. Steve was thrilled to know his Bucky buddy did not die after falling off the HYDRA train, but was shocked to see him turned into a mercenary assassin who was programmed to kill for the Soviets, and attempted to revive Bucky's memories.

Notable fight scenes were like the fighting scene taking place in the lift, where Steve asked the assassins if 'Anyone wants to get out'. I liked how the close-up of the perspiration flowing down from one of the men's forehead, which is usually associated with anxiousness, stressed or anticipation.

There were scenes whereby the 'TRUST' issue emerged. It simply retaliated that one should trust no one but oneself. Afterall, you won't know someone as much as you know of yourself. The scene in the operations room (when the helicarriers were about to be launched) was a good example of how people around you, that you may have been working or training extensively with, may not be who or what they seemed to be. It also showed the importance of knowing what is RIGHT and making a choice for the good of many and not just for oneself, such as in the scene whereby the guy who was handling the launch system chose not to launch the helicarrier despite having a gun pointing at him.

Chris Evans gave such a nuanced performance for his role as Captain America, and it is sad to know that he may be quitting acting for good after the next sequel in 2017. But of course, with plans to direct movies instead, let us all look forward to future movies directed by Chris Evans, starting off with his directed debut movie - 1:30 Train. In my opinion, this movie appeals to anyone who likes action movies, and not just for the comic fans, like how my good friend is. Hehe!

Anthony Mackie took flight in the Captain America movie as Falcon, equipped with a flight suit which led him to fight against the baddies, alongside Captain America and Black Widow. I believe he will have much of a role to play in the next Captain America movie. And my pal told me that Captain America will eventually 'die' and Winter Solder will take his place, well that is at least, what was in the comics.

I guess I probably gave away too much of the movie storyline, but you have to watch this movie, really. I had no obligation to write this blog post but I knew I just had to. It was simply an amazing movie! Check out the movie trailer below:

Most importantly, remember to stay on for the mid and post credit scenes!!!! Don't rush out of the cinema theatre, no matter how much you need to head to the washrooms after the 2hours+ show!!! LOL! You will get to see "The Twins" - Supposedly Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, whom are twin mutants, kids of Magneto and  Magda. But they not be known as that, or associated with Magneto, as the Avengers is a Marvel comic distributed by Walt Disney and X-men is a Marvel comic, distributed by 20th Century Fox. Unless these two film distribution companies collaborate for a movie or a buy-out (which Ihighly doubt so for both in the near future), we won't get to see Magneto and his twins in the same one movie.

Shall end off this blogpost with some photos taken before the movie.
And with Singapore's Captain America and Winter Soldier! :p

 photo CA03_zps365b1772.jpg

 photo CA05_zpsb7401980.jpg

 photo CA01_zpsfd9de52c.jpg

 photo CA04_zpsa6dd44d8.jpg

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