I'm Back. I Said 'Hi' to Meditation.

It has been more than four months since my last blog entry. Reasons for that shall be left to be said another time. However, during this period of time, my life's updates were solely through my various social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Hence, you would have known bits and pieces of my life if you have 'followed' me on those channels.

Despite the fact that I have stopped posting new entries for the past few months, I am extremely grateful for all the sponsorship and event invitations by various sponsors, direct clients and media agencies during this period of time (No blog posts, but I updated on the events, etc.. Through Instagram, Twitter, nonetheless!). And yes, I am back to develop new blog entries. I hope I will be able to have blog posts which will be of interest to you. But most importantly, I want to blog, so as to share my life, photos and experiences with all of you. But of course, I update snippets of my life in the quickest time through my Instagram, hence do follow me there, yah? :)

Today, I will share with you something that I have been doing since December last year. And that is MEDITATING. Meditation is about being in the Present Moment... To be more aware of the 'Now', and ignoring the 'Past' or 'Future' at that moment. It helped me to live each moment as it unfolds, and to acknowledge all situations and thoughts that come to me, deal with the emotions that follow, and then... Move on.. Let it go. Afterall, "This Too Shall Pass".  

Often, meditation is associated with certain religious or spiritual elements, but not in my case. Since the day that I started meditating, my life took a change and improvements made to my own well-being and personal character were observed not just by myself, but the people close to me. To be honest, I was surprised ('Alarmed' would have been a better word to be honest) by those changes and my own actions!

Additionally, my own personal 'Happiness Index' took a huge jump and I started seeing life in a more positive manner, even when faced with any difficult situations or emotions. Hence, meditation in my case... Is about mindfulness and to access the inner peace within myself. 

And of course, with all common sense, I do not mean that you accept every sh*t that comes along your way. But instead of grumbling or avoiding those problems, you simply acknowledge it, but don't let it grow into you, like a tumour, and have it affect you, your emotions and the people around you.

To conclude this post, I am really glad that I was introduced to meditation, started on it with an open mind, and to have incorporated it into my life. I chanced upon this quote awhile back, and it pretty much sums up what I feel about meditation:
Generally we waste our lives, distracted from our true selves, in endless activity. Meditation is the way to bring us back to ourselves, where we can really experience and taste our full being.” - Sogyal Rinpoche

Meditation shows you the power of your own mind and gives you effective tools to make your thoughts positive, peaceful and powerful.
Meditation techniques have been practiced in different parts of the world for thousands of years and has thrived because of its effectiveness. Meditation is totally non-religious.
Some of the benefits of meditation include a calm mind, stress-free living, regulated blood pressure, stable emotions, positive thinking, control of anger and freedom from anxiety.
- See more at: http://www.soulcentre.org/meditation.htm#sthash.A2o4pYvr.dpuf

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