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As much as I love gelish manicure, I do my own nail color painting by myself at times. All the while, I only use Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover. But I don't like their packaging, as I tend to spill the liquid accidentally. This is becuase they do not have a tiny opening for me to pour the remover liquid out. Instead, the bottle mouth is what  you are seeing in the pic below, probably about the size of a 20-cents coin. I spilled so many times in the past that I even contemplate to switch brands just because of this... Afterall, it's a lot of wastage, as much as half a bottle's worth each time I spill!

 photo DSC03279__zpsf4369fef.jpg

Then, I came across these OPI bottles!
 photo DSC03280__zpse0fdba0c.jpg

What a life-saver this bottle is! They work in the same way as those that you see at the manicure shops - Whereby, you simply press down to pump the remover liquid out, and you place a piece of the cotton pad on the opening so that the liquid can be soaked in! 

This is version 2 of the bottle design, whereby the 'neck' can twist to lock and unlock the pump from being pressed downwards. This is extremely useful so that once it is locked, the pump will not be able to be pressed down accidentally.

 photo DSC03290__zps1763cdf5.jpg

It isn't too big of a size. See pic below for height comparison.
Also, this pump bottle can fill at least 90% of the liquid found in the original Sally Hansen bottle.
 photo DSC03283__zps5a52ab9a.jpg

So there you go! A filled bottle!
And I am ready to take on the world with beautiful painted nails! :p
 photo DSC03286__zps89ef3bf7.jpg

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