YSL Makeup - Pink Lipstick!

I saw this at the Estee Lauder beauty counter in the departmental store 3 Fridays ago. You can grab a brochure and a pink ribbon to wear to support the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign that is happening in the month of October! 

And do remember to check out my blog post for 2013 Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Click [HERE] to read! :)

Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 photo photo33_tp_zps36307bd9.jpg

Some beauty brands what support education and medical research for Breast Cancer includes:
- Aveda
- Bobbi Brown
- Clinique
- Coach
- Estee Lauder
- Jo Malone London
- Lab Series Skincare For Men
- La Mer
- Origins
- Prescriptives
- Smashbox

I have never purchased a lipstick in pink shade before.
For me, it has always be RED, RED, RED.
But this time round, I bought a pink YSL Lipstick in Shade #27..
YSL Makeup Lipstick #27 photo photo12_tp_zps91924055.jpg

This is the YSL Rouge Pur Couture.
Pure Color.
Satiny Radiance.

It's not the barbie pink type, but still bright enough. 
And that was why I chose this shade.
YSL Makeup Lipstick #27 photo photo24_tp_zps1154a68c.jpg

YSL Makeup Lipstick #27 photo photo34_tp_zps9f29e8e4.jpg

This photo is the closest representation of #27 shade.
(But then again, still depends on your screen resolution, etc).
YSL Makeup Lipstick #27 photo photo43_tp_zpsca60e78f.jpg

The top right pic is the one that I bought.
The bottom pic is the barbie pink shade.

YSL Makeup - Lipstick photo Lip01__zps8143d681.jpg

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19 October 2013 at 17:16

Can I kiss your sexy lip

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