Let's Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013!

Let's go PINK this October!

Ever since I attended a Breast Cancer Awareness talk which was held in conjunction with a Dell event in 2011, I started wearing pink outfits and to "Wear The Pink Ribbon" on every Friday in the month of October. Apart from that, I also pledged to conduct Breast Self-Examination (BSE) for myself regularly.

For those who do not know, October is the month where Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns are carried out globally, as well as to draw attention and raise funds for research and effort work carried out for breast cancer treatment and prevention.

The Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) in Singapore, a non-profit charity organization is involved in such public awareness, fund-raising activities, and support group for breast cancer. The BCF launches a new design annually for their collar pins, which the funds raised from the sale of these pins contribute towards their funds required for the activities they carried out.

This is the design of their collar pin this year.
Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 photo photo25_tp_zpsd12814e6.jpg

For only SGD2, you can get a collar pin and wear it with your outfit. 
And this year, Breadtalk is participating in this campaign...
All you have to do is drop by the nearest Breadtalk outlet, 
drop a $2 note into the collection box, and pick up the collar pin.

Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 photo photo15_tp_zps008b65dd.jpg

For myself, I dropped $20 and get 10 of them!
8 were for my female colleagues in my local office...
 I felt it would be a thoughtful gift for them 
(not sure if they feel this way! :p).
Afterall, this pin looks nice to wear it.
And it was my own way to raise awareness for breast cancer.

The remaining 2 were for my dear sister and myself.
My Sis knows that I wear pink outfits and the collar pink on Fridays in October. 
And I was so happy that she supported my support to this cause by doing so too!
We met on Friday for shopping after work.
Seeing her dressed in pink and with the pin totally made my day!

Thus, why not get a collar pin for your colleagues, 
close female friends, or your mum or sister? :)

I have supported this cause for 3 years now....
Check out below for the collar pin design since 2011! :)

2013 Design
Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 photo photo35_tp_zpsf24c140f.jpg

2012 Design
Breast Cancer Awareness 04 photo Pink04_zpsc6953d20.jpg

2011 Design

Apart from "Wearing the Pink Ribbon" on October's Fridays...
I have done a gelish nail art design of the pink ribbon!
In this way, I am somewhat wearing the pink ribbon every day! ;)

Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 photo photo32_tp_zps3c4a5b59.jpg

At first, I asked for the nail art cost, but when I was making my payment, my manicurist told me it's complimentary. What a nice gesture! I guess that's her own way of supporting the cause too! ;)

 On instagram, there is a hashtag in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign. Ladies around the world hashtag #polishuspink for the Instagram photos of their pink-colored nails or designs related to the Pink Ribbon which they have posted up. And yes, me too. Thus, get all PINK this October, ladies!!! 

Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 photo photo11__zpsd89d8d15.jpg

This was my pink look for the 1st Friday of October!~ :)

Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 photo photo21_tp_zpsb9724969.jpg

Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 photo photo41_tp_zps0c648a21.jpg

Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 photo photo13_tp_zps19b35ee3.jpg

Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 photo photo14_tp_zpsfc5c24c2.jpg

Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 photo photo23_tp_zps4557a871.jpg

To find out more about Singapore's Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF), click [HERE].
You can check out their Facebook page by clicking [HERE].

I hope that if you see the BCF along the streets to raise funds through the collar pin sale, I hope that you can stop for a few seconds, and make a donation. :) On Friday, I spotted 2 volunteers near my office during lunch time. They saw me wearing it, and we both smiled.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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22 January 2014 at 03:55

I love your nails, hope you don't mind if I steal that. I buy tons of breast cancer pins for my friends and coworkers also. My step mother just beat breast cancer and I have been a huge supporter ever since. It's nice to see others with the same passion!

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