Review: SKINBIOTICS Hydra+ Lift Beauty Jelly

All thanks to SKINBIOTICS for the fond memories that I had from the amazing yacht trip which they have organized for some of the lifestyle and beauty bloggers last year. It was amazing to be out in the open sea, and having the sea breeze blowing towards me.

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That event was for the introduction of their beauty supplement,
that was endorsed by local celebrity star - Fann Wong!

This year, SKINBIOTICS launched another new product.
It is called : Hydra+ Lift.
And Fann Wong is their ambassador once again!

This product is a breakthrough in beauty from within!
Its formula consists of Hyaluronic Acid, Nano Collagen and Vitamin E.

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For myself, I am a firm believer in products which contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA), as it provides continuous moisture to the skin by binding up to 1000 times its weight in water. With age, the ability of the skin to produce HA decreases. Thus, products which contain HA are what I love!!!

Skinbiotics Hydra+Lift photo DSC05418_zps5c2a71f2.jpg

Hydra+ Lift also helps to regenerate your skin's collagen, hydrate the skin and increase the skin elasticity from within! 

Skinbiotics Hydra+Lift photo DSC05422_zpsa79a454d.jpg

Sealed securely for your assurance.
Skinbiotics Hydra+Lift photo DSC05424_zps0f99093a.jpg

SKINBIOTICS termed Hydra+ Lift as a "7-day Skin Hydration + Lifting Treatment".
So each box contains 7 slim packs in 1 box. 
All the goodness that you require for a week!
Skinbiotics Hydra+Lift photo DSC05426_zps2ae7f7db.jpg

Hydra+ Lift is a 1-per-day beauty jelly.
The jelly contains all the skin nutrients and collagen your skin needs!
Skinbiotics Hydra+Lift photo DSC05419_zps5a3cbc06.jpg

Hydra+ Lift pack is so convenient to carry around!
For me, I put it in the office, and consume a  pack of it when I reach my office.

Skinbiotics Hydra+Lift photo DSC05427_zps61833a65.jpg

 I have been consuming collagen products through the form of collagen drinks that comes in the bottle form. But the drink is to be recommended to be taken at night. Also, the glass bottle is too fragile and heavy to carry around. Thus, the SKINBIOTICS Hydra+ Lift is very convenient to carry around, something that I can consume while on the go. I liked how this is my day collagen supplement, and how I follow up with my collagen beauty drink at night. the Hydra+ Life has a pleasant taste and that tingle of sweetness which I really like!

Just 3 steps for radiant and supple skin!!
Skinbiotics Hydra+Lift photo DSC05420_zpsde89ab09.jpg

Skinbiotics Hydra+Lift photo DSC05430_zps2d2f111f.jpg

Prior to my first time eating this, I thought that it will be a very liquified kind of jelly (which can be quite messy honestly). Thus, I was surprised when I opened it up and found that it is quite the solidified kind. That made consuming it easier, imagine me eating it in just 1 *swoop*! I have finished eating the 4 boxes of Hydra+ Lift jelly thus far, and I totally adore it.

 photo HydraLift_2a__zpsdbc6cb7e.jpg

Collagen is very vital for your skin as it helps to keep your skin firm and tight. As one grows older, one's skin elasticity is not like the younger skin anymore, so it is important to have a good collagen level! And since HA is necessary to nourish and hydrate the collagen, it is also an important ingredient in any beauty skincare products! Hence, Hydra+ Lift beauty jelly combines these two goodness into just ONE product, coupled with the Vitamin E ingredient for beautiful and healthier skin!

You can purchase the SKINBIOTICS Hydra+ Lift beauty jelly at most Watsons stores.
For more info, please click [HERE] to visit SKINBIOTICS Facebook Page!!!

Say hi to brighter, more radiant and healthy skin!~ :)
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Cute,pretty and sexy.

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