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Hope it has been a "Terrific Thursday" for all of you. And if it has not been all smooth-sailing for this week so far, just know that it is Friday tomorrow, and the WEEKEND is just around the corner! What better time to share with you some exciting news related to REST & DINE, SOCIAL MEDIA & REWARDS, and BEAUTY! Read on, my dear readers... For who knows, you may get influenced by me, or be an influence to others! ;)

#1 REST & DINE at Singapore Marriott Hotel

 photo SMH_zps0441798c.jpg 

Opened in 1995, the award-winning Singapore Marriott Hotel, has since gone through a major SGD35 million refurbishment in 2012. In addition, refurbishment works were done for their Grand Ballroom in 2014. With all these, the hotel offers a new level of luxury to both business and leisure travellers from around the world. 

The Singapore Marriott Hotel is strategically and conveniently
 located along Orchard Road, Singapore's shopping belt.
(Check out image below for surrounding malls).
 photo SMH01__zps5be83eae.jpg

Nicely decorated and cosy city-view rooms for the hotel guests.
Be it for the global travellers or the locals who are on a staycation getaway.
 photo SMH03_zpsefe148a5.jpg

 There are even some pool terrace rooms such as these.
Getting out of your room simply takes you straight to the hotel's swimming pool on the 5th level.
 photo DSC03451__zpsd30e0e1a.jpg

Imagine lazing in one of the pavilions by the hotel's pool... 
 photo SMH06_zps815148e5.jpg

I can envision myself doing that for a lazy afternoon, along a book
in hand and a chilled cocktail drink, during a staycation getaway
at the Singapore Marriott Hotel! :p
 photo DSC03445__zps4c20f9da.jpg

 photo DSC03444_2_zps31815a53.jpg

The reason why I was at the Singapore Marriott Hotel was to attend an event by three companies, namely Singapore Marriott Hotel, Laneige and influr. As I arrived at the hotel's Pool Terrace Pavilion, I could imagine the pavilion to be used not only for company events, but for wedding solemnization ceremonies as well. With a turnout that evening, estimated to be about 70 people or so, the Pool Terrace Pavilion's warmly-lit lights and cooling breeze from the rotating ceiling fans were perfectly suitable to hold the event which I attended. In addition, delicious bite-sized tapas and drinks were served by the professional restaurant servers. To sum it up, it was a great evening at the Pool Terrace Pavilion.

  photo DSC03450__zps9482635a.jpg
When dusk arrived, it became more evident how the chic alfresco restaurant, Pool Grill, is the perfect place to go for a romantic dinner date! Just check out the photos below and you know why! :)

 photo SMH05_zps486581fe.jpg

 photo SMH07_zps5886501f.jpg

#2 - Social Media and Rewards through: influr

It would be nice to dine in one of the various F&B establishments at Singapore Marriott Hotel. It would be great as well, if one gets treated to a meal or two and without the need to pay, isn't it? Better yet, to have a full load of rewarding treats that one can choose from a redemption list. That's where influr comes in... To reward you

 photo DSC03459__zpsfbb514e2.jpg

I would consider myself to be a form of influence to my friends and readers/followers in real life, as well as through my various social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is why I put up content on my blog and the above-mentioned social media sites so as to share information. Afterall, "Sharing is Caring". These content can be in the form of new products in the market or upcoming events, or even my product/service reviews for restaurant, aesthetic treatments, manicure, hair salon, etc.

I Blog, Tweet and Instagram!

With influr, it helps to measure my influential abilities using their unique algorithms, whenever I post content on my social media sites. The more reactions that derived from the content posted, it simply means that I have a higher influence level. And if you are wondering that if you have only 100 followers versus someone who has 1000 followers, you may not be that influential to that person, but you are wrong. This is because influr does not measure the number of followers. Instead, it focuses on your ability to create content which impacts your community through the number of 'Likes' and comments you have.

 photo DSC03461__zps391572bc.jpg

Hence, get rewarded for being influential through influr's Treats program! The more reactions you receive from your content posted on your social networks, you get to earn rewards to redeem from a whole range of brands and establishments. 

For example, if you are keen to dine at the Singapore Marriott Hotel,
here's what in for you!
 photo influr02_zpsc24f79d0.jpg

In addition, upon signing up for an account at influr, and linking your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, the site will then calculate your influence and have you to be in one of the four categories of Influencers - Elite, Respected, Popular and Basic. Your influence level is accumulated from the past 3 months across your social networks and which will have you move up or down the 'rankings'. If you are at the top, as an Elite Influencer, you will require less reward$ to redeem an item, as per compared to a Basic Influencer. Different levels have different types of treats too.

And your high social influence power may have you to be selected to become a Brand Advocate for various brand campaigns, in collaboration with influr's many client partners!

 photo DSC03460__zps575a32fb.jpg

I hope you understand how influr works...
And how simple it is to be rewarded for simply being... Influential!~
Check out the video below from influr!

#3 Beauty by Laneige

I have been a fan of the skincare products from Laneige (I am using it, just that I didn't blog about it, yet). I have always wanted to try the BB Cushion, a skincare makeup product from Laneige, which offers SPF50+ PA+++ for our skin's protection against harmful rays from the Sun. Boy I was glad to have received  a full-sized BB Cushion set, which Laneige Singapore had generously gifted the female blogger attendees with. Each set of the BB Cushion also comes with an additional refill kit, should you finish using it (to my delight!).


 photo laneige02_zps1f5fab2d.jpg

The BB Cushion comes in 4 different tones to suit various skin tones. What is more amazing is the latest BB Cushion by Laneige comes with 6-in-1 benefits!!! Not only it brightens and moisturizes your skin, it also has the UV protection and cooling effect upon application. I liked how it gives my skin the coverage required for a natural, dewy look, without any sticky or oily feel which some BB cream products have. What I liked it most is that it is water resistant, hence I need not worry that my foundation may fade due to perspiration or water. Certainly a product for me to use when I am heading outdoors such as cycling (Been doing that as of recent) or simply a walk along Singapore streets!

 photo laneige01_zps2c71c0e2.jpg

And if you are using the BB Cushion for the first time like me,
here's the instructions for the application.
 photo laneige03_zpsc8a68c4a.jpg

I am glad to have the Laneige's BB Cushion.
It is an amazing product, otherwise why would 1 piece be sold every 10 seconds globally?
*wink wink*

I shall end my post here. Have a good weekend ahead!
Thanks to influr, Singapore Marriott Hotel and Laneige for the wonderful evening and hospitality!

Check out their websites through the links below:

2 Response to Get Rewarded for Your Influence with influr!

5 June 2014 at 11:32

Great post, Feliza!!

Not only did I discover where to stay in Singapore (when I eventually come), but also enjoyed learning about influr!! I signed up and look forward to testing it out!!

Now that I've read more than a few posts, I have to say you do a great job covering lifestyle!! Awesome!!

5 June 2014 at 11:36

...ah well, just realized this does not cover the USA :( Nice to have an account though!! :)

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