Watsons Members Only Sale - My Purchases!

I have always loved Watsons Members' Only Sale! Even when I was one of their Watsons ambassadors back then and would get sponsored with vouchers and products, I always head down to one of the Watsons participating outlets for the sale event. 

Since my tertiary school days, going to a Watsons store is probably a one-hour shopping trip for me, always heading out of the store with stuff bought. I believe many of you can relate to the fun and joy of shopping in Watsons - One will always be spoilt with surprises such as free gifts, price discounts, or new brands being brought in!

Just this Wednesday (28 August 2013), Watsons held their Members' Only Sale at a number of their outlets. And it was of no surprise that I head out to check out the sale event... And I spent just slightly over SGD300 in that 30 minutes that I was there during my lunchtime.

Watsons Member Sale 28 Aug 2013 photo DSC09069__zps7b890e93.jpg

I started drinking the DHC Collagen Beauty Drink since the past year or so. I drink it at night, just before I head to bed... And I prefer taking sips of it while lying on the bed. It makes me feel relaxed that way. Collagen in our body depletes faster after the age of 25, which the lack of it will lead to sagging skin or wrinkles. Thus, I wanted to drink this to help myself in one way or another... I guess my skin will be thankful to me! :p Anyway, this drink is sweet, there is no fishy smell/taste. I really feel that my skin is better and looks more radiant, and I sleep better.

Let me share with you a story... 
When one goes to a Watsons sale event, a big translucent plastic bag will be passed to you to place your shopping items in it. So I had 6 boxes of the DHC Collagen Beauty Drink in it. I was queuing up (3rd in line! Hooray to no long line at WS Watsons store haha!) and a lady came up to me and said that she noticed me stashing a few boxes of the DHC drink and she asked if it is good and whether I have better sleep. I told her, "It is VERY GOOD! I have been drinking it for about a year. I always buy it during the Watsons Sale, otherwise it is SGD49.90 for a box. I bought 6 as it is going at SGD180 for 6 boxes... More worth it than the other promo that DHC is having, which is 3 for SGD100.". Afterwhich, when I was at the counter to claim my free gifts (more about it in this post), she has just done her purchase. She said she had bought it and thanked me. I felt happy, being able to recommend someone to something that awesome, and knowing that the DHC Collagen Beauty Drink will definitely help that lady in her beauty needs. :)

 6 boxes of DHC Collagen Beauty Drink for SGD180! 
Good deal!
 photo DSC09067__zps659c5ef8.jpg

I'm into my 2nd tube of the Shiseido Aqualabel Milky Mousse Foam
Watsons Member Sale 28 Aug 2013 photo DSC09075__zps7f6b7323.jpg

Why I re-purchase the Aqualabel Milky Mousse Foam?
1. I like the moisturizing benefits of it.
2. I am a big fan of skincare products which are focuses in sin hydration. 
3. I am amazed with the silky and milky texture. 
4. It really cleanses my face well and my skin does not feel tight at all. 
5. So far, it does not give me any outbreak.
6. Not forgetting, collagen ingredient inside!

Watsons Member Sale 28 Aug 2013 photo DSC09074__zpsb4a20d67.jpg

One thing that I don't understand is that the label states that 
the price is SGD15.90, but Watsons is selling it at SGD16.10.
Watsons Member Sale 28 Aug 2013 photo DSC09073__zpsea62aec6.jpg

Ever since I tried the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel for the first time back then, I will buy this every now and then. I like how it helps in replenishing moisture and boosting the skin's water retention ability for long lasting hydration. You can read more about my review for the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range by clicking [HERE].

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
Watsons Member Sale 28 Aug 2013 photo DSC09081__zps19442c2b.jpg

"Maybe It's Maybelline"! No, not 'maybe', it IS Maybelline! :p 
I bought 4 of the Maybelline Masterliner Eyeliner in Brown color. I have been using it for more than a year and I like how smooth it glides effortlessly on my upper and lower eyelid. It is waterproof and does not smudge easily, yet it is easy to be removed with the eye makeup remover.

Maybelline Masterliner Eyeliner
Watsons Member Sale 28 Aug 2013 photo DSC09088__zps9b7dace0.jpg

As I purchased more than SGD30 worth of Maybelline products, I gotten the Maybelline HyperCosmos Duo eyeshadow pot (Color code: CH-1) as a free gift.
Watsons Member Sale 28 Aug 2013 photo DSC09093__zps0e342d18.jpg

This I feel it is not pigmented enough. 
Perhaps to use for a night look to highlight my eye makeup?
But I have this feeling that I can probably blend 
the two colors to get a more intense shade...
What do you think?
Watsons Member Sale 28 Aug 2013 photo DSC09094__zpsecbd6a22.jpg

Spend SGD150 to get a tumbler...
Watsons Member Sale 28 Aug 2013 photo DSC09097__zpsc4473a27.jpg

Spend SGD300, you get the tumbler, 
as well as this trinket travel case!
Watsons Member Sale 28 Aug 2013 photo DSC09099__zpsf40b133a.jpg

I don't like the cloth material of the case. Love the color though. ;)
When I opened it, I was impressed by the layered compartments!
Watsons Member Sale 28 Aug 2013 photo DSC09100__zpscf3a608c.jpg

Really very useful when we need to bring all our 
small accessories when we travel!!!
The case is about the size of a toilet roll, but longer.
Watsons Member Sale 28 Aug 2013 photo DSC09101__zps80fad35f.jpg

Now I can keep my small accessories like ear studs and rings 
in place when I go on my travel trips! Yeah!
Watsons Member Sale 28 Aug 2013 photo photo2_zps64240d32.jpg

I am officially SGD300+ poorer...
Did you go to the Watsons Members' Only Sale too? 
Share with me your buys 

Have a good weekend! ^_^

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