The Reebok ONE series. The Bloggers Boot Camp.

9am on a Saturday morning and there I was reporting myself to a bloggers bootcamp at Crossfit Fire City. This was an invitation by Reebok, who was introducing their Reebok ONE Series. And what better way to showcase this series of running/training shoes by hosting a fitness bootcamp session for the invited bloggers, and have us testing out the shoes! ;)

Awaiting eagerly to test out the Reebok One shoes, 
and whats its great technology can offer me with!
Reebok ONE series photo IMG_7973__zps1d0ddf2c.jpg

Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8104__zps266088a3.jpg

Once I arrived, I changed into the fitness gear which Reebok had kindly provided. So now, I have a new set of fitness wear - TOP, SHORTS and SPORTS BRA. Yay! I'm so happy!

Thanks REEBOK! :)
Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8066__zps72c1184d.jpg

Next, I tried on my spanking new pair of runnies (that's what I usually term my running shoes)... the Reebok ONE Cushion. The Cushion version is meant for wearers with a neutral gait and strong arch, which is more suitable for me. On the other hand, the Reebok ONE Guide is meant for mild to moderate pronators. So now, you know how to select the right Reebok ONE shoes for yourself! ;)

My pair of Reebok ONE runnies!
Reebok ONE series photo IMG_7983__zpsd9affc1f.jpg

We were introduced to the strong muscular dude whom would be the coach for our fitness session (I very much prefer terming it as 'Fitness Session' than 'Bootcamp Session', which really sounds so intimidating and tough! Heh!). His name is Coach Sam, and he is the head coach (and owner) at Crossfit Fire City.

Coach Sam
Reebok ONE series photo IMG_7982__zpscfa61965.jpg

First of all, we did a short introduction of ourselves and when it was my turn, I shared about how I used to run very often (4~5 times weekly, about 30 minutes per session), but due to my busy work schedule these days, I personally consider myself very lucky and feeling joyful if I manage to find the time (and energy) to do just 2 runs a week. In all actual fact, even if I am unable to do the weekly 2 runs, I always make sure I hit the gym and do a 30-minutes treadmill run and 30-minutes resistance training exercises at least once a week. I know my body is thankful that I still give her the 1-hour attention weekly! Hahahaha! All you have to remember is HEALTH IS WEALTH! Nothing gets better than being in the pink of health!

All of us listened attentively to Coach Sam who gave us a short theory education on fitness and crossfit - Like how there is always a constant variety and that how crossfit exercises are not static but multiple muscle groups working together at the same time.

Soon, it was time for us to warm up before we start on our fitness session. We did our warm-ups while wearing the Reebok ONE runnies. It was my first time doing some of those warm-up exercises which Coach Sam had us to do... For example, in the picture below, it seemed like we were doing pushups. But in actual fact, we were not. Instead, while in a standing position, we went on all-fours and 'crawled' front using our both hands, into a push-up position, and 'crawled' back up again to standing position. Seemed easy, but it's definitely a warm-up! Something new for me to incorporate into my own warming-up session in future! Hmmm.... :)

 photo IMG_8003__zps071bbe69.jpg

I didn't know a simple pipe can be of so much use! :p
Reebok ONE Series photo Reebok01__zps9c4d90af.jpg

Can you guess what were we doing?
Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8009__zps1d7f7901.jpg

Wearing the Reebok ONE runnies, I was doing air squats. This is one of the workouts in CrossFit exercise, whereby it is a foundational exercise. Doing squats increases your lower body strength as well as your core strength. helps in keeping your butt looking good! So start squatting! ;)

How to do an Air Squat 

Stance: Heels under hips, toes slightly out

  1. Keep your chest high
  2. Move your hips back
  3. Squat down until hip crease is below knee crease
  4. Return to standing with your hips fully extended

Basically, this was what we were doing...

This helped us to break in the new runnies faster!
Also, served a good stretch for those muscles of yours too! ;)
Reebok ONE Series photo IMG_8007__zpsb3ae9087.jpg

Reebok ONE Series photo Reebok02__zps96f9c736.jpg

I have heard of people saying that with today's technology and manufacturing methods and materials used, there is no need to break in your new runnies. But I beg to differ and I am old-school --- I feel that there is a need to. What I always do after getting a new pair of runnies is (1) To walk around my home in them, and then wear it to nearby places. This also allows me to know whether the pair of runnies is suitable for me -If it doesn't fit well when I am wearing it for walks, it will definitely not fit well for my runs. Don't you agree? (2) Phase them into my running sessions. I will wear it for maybe 3~4 times for the 1st month, and then increase the number of times of usage until to the point that I wear it for my each and every running session.

We did a short jog around the area, probably about 400m. And I must say that it felt good running in the Reebok ONE Cushion runnies on the road. The Reebok ONE shoes felt comfortable and light too.

Reebok ONE Series photo Reebok04_zps8db99749.jpg

One of the highlights of this fitness session was learning the correct running techniques and form. This was something I was really keen to know and learn since running seems to be the only exercise that I do the most frequently (followed by resistance training and cycling).

We were jogging on the spot, I think.
Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8053__zps698fbbe7.jpg

These are some of what I have learnt:

1. Arm swing: Forward and backward, and not across your body.
2. Shoulders: Relaxed, not stiff.
3. Body: Keep your body straight, do not bend forward. Leaning forward while running doesn't help at all to run faster or further with each stride.

Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8045__zps2966f5f6.jpg

Coach Sam got us to run one after another, of which recorded our runs using this App called Coach's Eye. This app allowed the video to be playbacked in slow motion whereby he analysed and explained to us on the correct running technique and form, as well as how to improve our running style. The app also allowed side-by-side comparison. I must say that app is rather good (quite tempted to purchase it from the App store hehe!).

So here he was, playing back a portion of the recorded
video and identifying some of our running form and mistakes.
Reebok ONE Series photo IMG_8044__zps68363f9d.jpg

And then I got distracted by something while everyone were attentively listening and watching Coach Sam explaining away... :p
 photo Reebok05__zpsfbc324ee.jpg

Afterwhich, Coach Sam showed us the unique feature of the Reebok ONE shoes, of which this '3-zoned' technology will assist the wearer to improve our running techniques so that we are able to run correctly and more efficiently.

These are the 3 parts of the Reebok ONE shoes 
that make up the 3 zones - Contact, Midstance and Propulsive.
Reebok ONE Series photo Reebok03__zps124cd142.jpg

This unique feature of the Reebok One series was designed for function-first, of which a technology that the wearer can feel. As our feet moves from the back to the front while moving, the Reebok ONE series was built in the similar manner - From back to front. In this way, each "Zoned" technology meets the demand of the runner through each phase of the Gait Cycle. 'Gait Cycle' begins when one foot contacts the ground and ends when that foot contacts the ground again. 

I like the way that the zones are designed so seamlessly that the whole pair of the Reebok ONE shoes work harmoniously as one. I guess this was why I felt the good cushioned landing due to to the soft foam compound that provides the shock attenuation with each stride of mine, smooth mid-foot transition, and finally... Thanks to the ultra-responsive high rebound foam compound that helped in the push-off! Just exactly as what the Reebok ONE series was designed mainly for!

A state-of-the-art technology indeed!

Despite that I got distracted earlier on, but guess what? I did improved my running form! After the fitness session, I 'stayed back' and asked Coach Sam to analyse my running video. He opened the Coach's Eye app again and drew on the side-to-side video comparison for me to see. So turned out that I have improved my running form, as you can see from the 'AFTER' diagram below, whereby my legs kinda resemble a figure-4 shape. This is called pose running, and the pose occurs when the centre of one's body mass passes over one's trailing foot.

Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8099_2_zps21c845f0.jpg

And FYI... The run which I did in the 'BEFORE' shot was when he first video-ed us before teaching us the techniques. The 'AFTER' shot was after he taught us, as well as guided us how the Reebok ONE shoes help us in achieving that easier and more efficiently. I really understood and realised how the Reebok ONE works and how it helps in my running!

Coach Sam gathered only the LADIES to tell us some stuff...
Special secret... Of which, maybe I shall blog about it another day, just for you ladies. :p
Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8051__zps339f32e5.jpg

Jemma, Stooffi and I looked so strong and fierce right? 
But... We became so tired after doing Coach Sam's WOD (Workout of the Day).
But I think all of us did a great job in doing 3 rounds of 200m run and 30 air squats.
Cheers to our achievement! :p
Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8055__zps9c71238d.jpg

The WOD is indeed a BOOTCAMP MADNESS!!

Why can't I be a bootcamp babe and just act pretty? *wails*

I can't... Cos haven't you heard? STRONG is the new skinny!
And strong means telling myself that I CAN DO IT!!!
And we did it! This shot was taken after completing the WOD!
 photo IMG_8077__zpsb11538d8.jpg

Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8083__zps81e1a5e1.jpg

After 2 hours plus, we came to the end of the fitness session.
And of course, group photos before we go!
Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8085__zps827ea996.jpg

Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8087__zpsd9d82b89.jpg

There would be a video on the bootcamp and Reebok ONE series.
So I gave my opinion on the shoes... 
You can check out the video below...........

Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8093__zps5d41bdd8.jpg

Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8096__zps01cfa5da.jpg

My feet had cameo shots during the 00:08 and 00:18 part of the video. LOL! 

I hang out a little longer to take some pics... 
As well as to ask Coach Sam, as what I have mentioned earlier on, to seek his professional advice.

Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8100__zps96c0b501.jpg

Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8103__zps3d897609.jpg

Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8105__zps23569ae6.jpg

By then, the Crossfit class had started, so I got to witness this... 
Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8106__zps899e2a04.jpg


Thanks to Reebok for the tank top and shorts 
from the Reebok ONE series!

Reebok ONE series photo DSC05167__zps6f7bdd78.jpg

Reebok ONE series photo DSC05169__zps7a3162d1.jpg

Reebok ONE series photo DSC05174_2_zps4d2e76f7.jpg

Reebok ONE series photo DSC05181_2_zps15648000.jpg

Reebok ONE series photo DSC05192_2_zps03a0c4f3.jpg

 I like how the colors are so bright. What happy colors!!!
This is one awesome color-coordinated outfit to wear to the gym!

I'm very happy to have received this fitness wear set! Because personally, I feel that fitness wear costs a BOMB! And I am talking about those that looks nice and funky, and well-designed in terms of function AND fashion. I still buy them, but my wallet feels the pain each time that I do. Haha! How I wish to have at least a few more well-coordinated color outfits to match my various pairs of runnies! I can look good, feel good while exercising away! OVERALL GOODNESS!!!! :p

Reebok ONE series photo Reebok08_zps726588ba.jpg

I also put the Reebok ONE runnies to the test on the treadmill!
Reebok ONE series photo Reebok07_zps916039e5.jpg

In summary, my view on the Reebok ONE series...
Flexible, Lightweight, Well-Cushioned. 
Great '3-zoned' technology. Striking Colors.
Something that I will wear TO the gym, and not just AT the gym. :p

Reebok ONE series photo DSC05144_2_zps7bcbd941.jpg

I don't seem to be able to find my Instagram videos that I have uploaded, which I very much wish to share with you guys here.
Can't find them in my lappy, phone or memory cards.
So I did a video capture from my laptop screen of my videos. 

You can watch the videos by clicking these links:

Or simply go to my Instagram profile -->>> @felizaong

Reebok ONE series photo DSC05138_2_zps7e10be61.jpg

Reebok ONE series photo DSC05116__zps734c8529.jpg

Reebok ONE series photo DSC05119__zpsb7b1e489.jpg

I will be phasing my pair of Reebok ONE runnies into my runs, 
and finally wearing them for every run!
So wish me luck in my blossoming relationship with the Reebok One Series. :)

Reebok ONE series photo DSC05164__zpsa78eef7a.jpg

The Reebok ONE shoes is priced at SGD169.
Made available at all ROYAL SPORTING HOUSE stores in Singapore!

More info can be found at Reebok ONE Singapore's Facebook!

Reebok ONE series photo IMG_8079__zpsd72be65f.jpg

Thanks for reading this post! 
Wishing you all the good health and fitness that you ever need!

And once again, thanks to Reebok 
for the invitation to this fun and informative event!

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28 August 2013 at 00:29

You look very sexy and pretty in Every pose. Dthreelonely.

29 August 2013 at 20:41

Hi Feliza!! Once again, great post!

You did a terrific job of covering the new Reebok ONE, but also an awesome job of covering CrossFit too! Love how your mix of comments, video, and photos gave an in-depth look at the Bloggers fitness session!

Recently, I was inspired to do my own CrossFit post, and just published it yesterday. It’s really more about the career and business success lessons I’ve drawn from my CrossFit experience. I wanted to share it with you, though, so here’s a link:

By the way, loved the photos of Crossfit Fire City. Here’s my gym:

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