Shadow Ombre Hair Color and Hair Treatment at Salon De Choix!

Autumn is coming and time for a change in hair color.
A shade recommended, also a shade of my choice.
So off I go to my hair salon sponsor for a hair makeover.
Thanks for the awesome work, Salon De Choix!

Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05431__zpsbf8dbbc5.jpg

My last hair color job done was based on the balayage technique, whereby the colored red portions were playing peek-a-boo, and it wasn't those 'WHAM-BLAM-SLAM in your face' kind. You can read about the previous color job done by clicking [HERE]. Totally work-appropriate, no doubt about it. You can see the copper highlights and my brown base in the picture above too.

This round, I will be doing 2 things: (1) Retouching the roots to a similar shade as my current color (Light Mahogany Brown). My stylist, Chester, recommended me not to have a new base color now, as I just colored it like a month plus ago. Thus, it may not be that good for the hair condition. Thus, retouching the roots would be sufficed. And (2) Burgundy color for the bottom portion of my hair. So instead of a darker color from the top and seamlessly blending into a lighter color at the hair bottom.... It is the other way round whereby it will be a lighter shade from the top (brown shade) and blending into a darker shade downwards (burgundy color). This is what we call the 'Shadow Ombre Technique'.

The Burgundy color choices from Loreal Professional
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05438__zps3e8c01cf.jpg

Extra Burgundy Brown
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05433__zpsd75bb026.jpg

Chester was the one who recommended me to try the Burgundy color. I was quite apprehensive at first as I have never tried Burgundy color in all my life of coloring my hair. But Chester assured me that this color would match well with my brown shade. Not too dark, not too light. Hence, I said YES! Cos there should always be a FIRST TIME for everything, such as hair perming for luscious wavy curls, hair soft rebonding, and balayage color. Don't you agree? :) And I have to thank Salon De Choix for all those 'first-times' and wonderful end results that I have been so satisfied with!

Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05437__zps93459288.jpg

You can see the obvious hair regrowth in this photo. 
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05436__zpsf03aaf74.jpg

My regrowth... URGHHH..... 
I think my hair grew rather fast... 
This was like probably just a month plus old...
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05446__zpscdf21864.jpg

It will turn out brown eventually, hehe~
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05447__zpsc773f29f.jpg

OH, check out the cute plastic 'ear muffs' I was wearing in above pic!
No worries of the color dye accidentally staining my precious gems! Very, very thoughtful of Salon De Choix! THUMBS UP!
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05450__zpse8260e64.jpg

Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05452__zps2631e8fd.jpg

Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05460__zps3b6d18b8.jpg

 Done with the hair dyeing. 
Now time to wait for it to be processed and then for a rinse.
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05461__zpsc7ffdcdb.jpg

I'm never bored at Salon De Choix whenever I am waiting.
There's always the latest edition of magazines for me to read.
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05455__zpse123df1d.jpg

And I need not worry about being hungry or thirsty too.
Yes, they have cup noodles for you if you are famished! ;)
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05458__zps2d07315b.jpg

Time to rinse off the color dye!
 photo photo3_zpsd982752c.jpg

One of my favorite time at Salon De Choix as I am able to enjoy the massage chair.
I think this is one of the raves I will always be gushing out about! Hehe!

I think I miss the massage chair alot....  
Apparently, I dreamt that I was on a massage chair getting my hair washed.
The massage started just as I laid down.
But the chair was different as there was the massage being done at my head area too!
So there was the vibration at the head (in my dream) and it felt so real that I woke up immediately.

Hair Treatment next!
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05469__zps70f7aa14.jpg

Massaging the treatment cream into my hair~
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05470__zps514951ad.jpg

Reading magazine while waiting for my treatment to be done. :)
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05472__zps84cc0d43.jpg

Hair trim next!
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05474__zps488d54ad.jpg

Chester being serious @ work!
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05475__zpsf18d2164.jpg

Even when my hair is wet, 
the 2 different hair colors are pretty noticeable already! :)
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05478__zps69b915a7.jpg

Hair blowing next~
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05462__zps1d1851c2.jpg

No more ugly hair regrowth! Yay!
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05466__zps2118f5d2.jpg

Thanks to Chester from Salon De Choix!!!!
Photos below..... Be ready to be WOW-ed! :p
(I hope you will be wow-ed)

Check out how brilliant the burgundy shade 
shone under the spotlight!
 photo 02__zpsecbe480a.jpg

I loveeeeee how the 2 shades matches and blends so well together!!!
Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05481__zpscfb25372.jpg

As well as how Chester styled my hair.
No parting, hair side-swept to one side, 
and with such lovely big curls for that feminine look.
Salon De Choix photo 01__zps69f7f39b.jpg

Salon De Choix photo IMG_8815_zpsd9d2016a.jpg

 photo DSC05484__zps8f4f4d6c.jpg

Check out my video I posted on Instagram!!! 

Salon De Choix July 2013 photo DSC05483__zpsb0b6d358.jpg

And to celebrate their 1st Anniversary, 
Salon De Choix is having a 20% off for all hair services!!!

Promotion is for a week more... 15 September 2013!
So hurry, call +65 68362959  and make an appointment!
Get your tresses looking GREAT!

And congrats to the awesome and nice mgmt of Salon De Choix 
for your success thus far and onwards! :)

 photo 1098491_596821117028651_1063013753_n_zps574a432e.jpg

If you are interested to make an appointment at Salon De Choix,
mention my name 'Feliza'  when you call to the salon 
and get 15% discount off your total bill~
(Not applicable for promotions)
CALL TO BOOK AN APPT: +65 68362959 

For more information about Salon De Choix, 
check out their  FACEBOOK !!!
Have a hair makeover now!~ ^_^

Salon De Choix is located at: 
3 Killiney Road #01-06 
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

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This is one stunning look! Thumbs up!


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