Hair Cut and Treatment Session at Salon De Choix!

I'm sure my hair is very grateful that I go for hair treatment on a monthly basis. 
Smooth, luscious hair every month, soft to the touch, with less frizz and dryness! 
Why not? :)

I like the end result when I did the soft rebonding previously.
My hair does not look too straight, and it has the natural look. 
Just take a look at the photo below!
With that being said, I do want to try out the normal rebonding one day...
Just that its not the time yet. Hehe.

 photo IMG_5588__zpsbab75cd6.jpg

Recently on a Sunday morning, I went down to my hair salon sponsor - Salon De Choix.
My task : To get my hair trimmed and treated.
And from this time onwards, I will be dealing with another stylist called Chester!

 photo IMG_5589__zps52dca3ff.jpg

This is the 'BEFORE' shot, that Chester helped me to take.
 photo DSC03328__zpsbe3b1c0e.jpg

And some selfies~ :p
 photo DSC03330__zps926cce5b.jpg photo DSC03331__zpsf07e58de.jpg

My hair is not so 'golden blonde' in color, alright... 
It was the lighting.
 photo DSC03333__zpsb0f8a030.jpg

Have I mentioned this before? 
There's a side hook for the salon clients to hang their bags!
 photo DSC03329__zps7a9cfac3.jpg

And of course, a cup of mocha and a pack of biscuits.
Totally just what I needed in the morning, since I haven't had breakfast then!
 photo DSC03334__zpsde1e5c25.jpg

And what I love is that I get to keep myself updated with 
the latest fashion/beauty tips and trends through the magazines which Salon De Choix has... 
And of the LATEST editions! Awesome!~
 photo DSC03335__zps7eab12c3.jpg

And guess who I spotted in the Her World magazine? 

It's Sarah! ( I like purple eyeshadow too~
 photo IMG_5611__zpsbc964388.jpg

I had a hair wash first, and then Chester worked his scissors magic on my hair.
Oh yeah, that's Chester in the pic below.
And check out my Sony RX100 camera in the pic!
I haven't blog about this cam yet, but that's my 'newest' camera of all that I currently own.
Awesome camera, I tell you! :p
 photo DSC03338__zps98c214d3.jpg

**From the next photo onwards, they were all taken with my iPhone5 
as my camera battery went flat!* *ARGGHHHH~~~~~*

 Next, it's time for my hair treatment!

First, this Tobbi Essence was sprayed onto my hair.
This is a pre-treatment product which protects and nourishes your hair.

Next, a few drops from 2 of these Mythic Oil bottles were mixed with my treatment cream. This is a concentrated oil that nourishes the hair,  making it feeling supple and looking healthy and shiny!

 photo IMG_5592__zps09512a34.jpg

 photo IMG_5593__zps3238aec8.jpg

 photo IMG_5594__zps97141864.jpg

Once the treatment cream has been applied onto my hair, 
it's time for some steaming!
 photo IMG_5597__zps8534f41e.jpg

Can't wait to have my hair washed each time... 
Cos I can lie on the massage chair and have my body 
massaged while getting my hair washed! PURE BLISS!
 photo IMG_5608__zps45465d64.jpg

Next, time for some snips to keep my hair looking in shape.
 photo IMG_5644__zps598d950c.jpg

Then it was hair blowing/styling time!
 photo IMG_5622__zps8f41a019.jpg

Wanna see my end look??? Wait for it.....
 photo IMG_5623__zpsf39ec93a.jpg

Wait for it.... Just one photo to go....
 photo IMG_5637__zps2724c5fd.jpg

There you go! My end look!
All through the effort of my stylist and asst! :)
 photo 01__zpsca592d8f.jpg

If my hair is put to the front, it is curled in (as seen in photos above), that gives a more romantic yet sexy feel.
But when it is all put to the back, it gives a more trendy and 'I-don't-give-a-hoot-about-life-cos-I'm-having-so-much-fun' feel!

 photo IMG_5655__zps796361eb.jpg

Photo with me and my stylist from now onwards - Chester!
 photo IMG_5660_2_zps4457300b.jpg

Front View
 photo IMG_5665_2_b_zps34e56bf9.jpg

Side View
 photo 03_zps0e59f5e5.jpg

I have to say that after going for my monthly hair treatments, I realised the importance and wonders of going for one. First off, my hair feels very smooth, and less tangles once I have my hair treatment done. My hair looks and feels more luscious and healthy. My hair don't feel that dry anymore. In the past, I only go for hair treatment once every 3 months (cos I only color my hair once every 3 months), but now, I finally know how important to go for hair treatments at the salon. And even if you do not have the time to sit in the salon for an hour plus, please do some hair mask or deep treatment on a weekly basis. It will certainly help in keeping your hair smooth and healthy.

My LOTD!  
OMGosh, I look so good, my blowout hair looks great too!
I have this LV bag for quite some time already 
but didn't carry it out for about a year or so.
And now, I'm back to carrying it during weekends... Casual days.
 photo 02_zps1542a847.jpg

Salon De Choix also has the Kerastase Initialiste, a serum for the scalp and hair!
Looks really good, something I hope to test it out one day. 
What's more, I read online raves about it.
So if you happen to be at the Salon, check this out.
 photo IMG_5671__zps288ac052.jpg

For the final touch during my hair blowout, my stylists at Salon De Choix will apply a small amount of the Kerastase Elixir K Ultime on my hair beforehand. It gives my hair the extra shine, protection and smoothness... It also helps in having less frizz.... Especially in this humid weather of ours here in Singapore.
 photo IMG_5672__zps0b247c39.jpg

If you are interested to make an appointment at Salon De Choix,
mention my name 'Feliza'  when you call to the salon 
and get 15% discount off your total bill~
(Not applicable for promotions)
CALL TO BOOK AN APPT: +65 68362959 

For more information about Salon De Choix, 
check out their  FACEBOOK !!!

Have a hair makeover now!~ ^_^

Salon De Choix is located at: 
3 Killiney Road #01-06 
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

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