Gelish Manicure. Hooked!

I feel weird if my nails are without a dash of color. 
I need my nails to be well-manicured...
And of a color of my fancy.

Since January this year, I have been doing gelish manicure on a monthly basis. I started becoming hooked on gelish since the color can last longer on my nails. I won't have to worry about smudges and all upon the application since it 'dries' up faster than the usual nail lacquer. Of course, it will be good if I can always have a new set of nail designs, using the normal nail polish, but you should already know that they can be pretty pricey. But hey, we are paying for the manicurist's creativity and artwork. Worth the price too! :)

 photo GelishJan-Jun2013__zps7c2da4c1.jpg

Therefore, I stick to do gelish manicure only. Each time that I told myself to do the gelish soak-off and get the manicurist to apply the normal nail varnish after, I failed... As I would get them to apply the gelish color for me. And given the busy work schedule of mine, honestly speaking, gelish lacquer is the most suitable for me. It is for the convenience, indeed! However, I realised that my nails were becoming weak and it breaks easily. Thus, I decided to let my nails rest for a month (in the month of May).

I forced myself to NOT have the gelish, by booking the last appointment slot with the nail salon to do the soak-off. Since the manicurist would need to close shop and call it a day, they would not accommodate to me to do nail painting. Right? Right! Cos that worked. So I walked out of the nail salon, with totally bare, no-polish on my nails. Thus, I was without gelish for the month of May, while awaiting for my nails to be stronger. Without gelish I was, but I was still getting my nails to be painted using the normal nail varnish.

Since I had to use the nail polish remover solution to remove my nail color should they chip off, I went to my all-time favorite personal store, Watson's, and got myself these 3 bottles of Sally Hansen nail remover - Moisturizing for dry, brittle nails, Extra Strength for all nail types, and Strengthening for weak, thin nails.

 photo DSC03279__zpsf4369fef.jpg

I like Sally Hansen's range of nail polishes, polish remover and even the Airbrush Leg spray... I have been using them for years (Since I was in Poly or something, oh gosh thats so long ago haha!). But one poor design of their polish remover bottle is that the mouth of the bottle is too big that I may sometimes pour out more than what I need. Other than wastage being an issue, the excess will be spilled onto my bed or floor. So I decided to get those pump bottles that nail salons usually use. The bottle comes with a twist-turn mechanism to operate the pump function.In this way, I won't need to worry that I may accidentally press on the pump.

 photo DSC03280__zpse0fdba0c.jpg

It is rather small in size. 
Slightly taller than a regular-sized OPI nail polish bottle.
 photo DSC03283__zps5a52ab9a.jpg

 photo DSC03286__zps89ef3bf7.jpg

I have tried pumping the solution from the pump bottle already.
It works really well, and no more mess and spillage! 
Total yay-ness!~ :)
 photo DSC03290__zps1763cdf5.jpg

I did let my nails rest in the month of May. But last week, I went for a gelish manicure again. I reckoned that I need to have gelish polish on my nails since I am away on a work trip overseas, and would not want to bring a bottle of the polish remover and a stack of cotton pads, and being stuck in the hotel room removing my chipped nail colors. I did my current set of gelish color at a manicure shop which was my first time there... And I must say, the girl who attended to me did a great job!

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