Korea Skincare and Nail Polish. Love my Sis!

My lovely Sis got these for me, despite me telling her that I need nothing from Korea. Lovely surprise! I know, I should have got her to get me handful of beauty products from the array of beauty-related shops in Myeongdong. But I am way too well stocked-up on my Laniege and Missha skincare products (another blog post for another day).

 photo DSC03275_zps172361e0.jpg

I was telling her that she should tell some of the skincare products which contains snail slime. Sounds gross, isn't it? But research showed that using skincare products which contains that actually helps to sooth and heal one's skin. Click [HERE] to read more in another blog post which I shared a little more on that. So she did buy it, but in the sheet mask form, from Nature Republic. To be honest, I have always wanted to buy a face moisturizer that contains the snail slime ingredient haha! And ooo... She bought collagen masks from Etude House for me too! Goes well together with my daily 'must-drink-before-I-sleep' collagen drink from DHC! ;)

New glitter nail polish from Sis too!
 photo DSC03278_zps025dcf8f.jpg

You know, I am really glad to have such a great Sister. It is not what she buys (She can simply buys me a $500 Karen Millen dress, like what the....!?!) or treats me to, but it is the genuine care and concern that she has for me in every aspect of my life. I am thankful that she is so giving and generous in her concern for me, yet does not expect anything in return. She is the first person I run to when I face tough situations and need an opinion. She is the one who encourages me and gives me moral support when it comes to work. Stays up with me to chat on the phone, or whatsapp... Or 'fly down' to meet me at, when I need a listening ear. And the amazing thing of 'accompanying' me during my business trips when I am all alone through FaceTime or whatsapp... That really chases the loneliness and stress that I face. Not forgetting our coffee/tea sessions on weekends and late nights!
 Typing all these actually brings a smile to my face, in fact. :)

 photo SisandI_zps83b219a5.jpg

It is amazing how we became so close despite all the enmity that we used to have for each other during our teenage years. I guess, as we grew older (and me being more sensible than in the past!), we kinda know that we want to stand by each other and face any tribulations that may come our way. Hence, I agreed fully to what the quote below says, when I happened to chance upon it for the first time a couple of months ago. 

Do you have a sister whom you constantly fought with 
and competed with while growing up, 
but has grown so much closer as both of you grew up?
Just like my Sister and I? :)

Show your appreciation in a couple of months time!
04 August is National Sister's Day. ;)

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