Feliza 2013 Birthday Giveaway Contest!


Yes, it is my birthday. 28 June.
Another year has passed and that means I am a year older! *gasp*
I know I have alot of "wants", 
but there is nothing more that I want, other than: 
To be happy and to have positive vibes in my life!

Simple as it sounds, but simple enough to attain? Hmm...

Anyway, I did not plan my birthday this year. Or rather, I decided to postpone my birthday celebration. I wanted to do a staycation, but I can't imagine myself to be chilling out by the pool with the current haze condition. Birthdays are very special to me... Far more important than Christmas or Valentine's Day. My logic is like that: There will not be as many people's birthday on 28 June, as compared to the number of people celebrating Christmas and Valentine's Day in the world. It may not be correct, but this is my own thinking. So it is more rare and special. Haa!

And to share my birthday joy with my dear readers...
I am holding a Birthday Giveaway Contest,
for the very first time ever since I started blogging!!!

It started out having a thought that it will be splendid if I were to organise a giveaway in conjunction with my birthday. Partly to share my birthday joy, and also to thank all of you, my dear readers, for your support all these while. I know some of you have been reading my blog for many years... And witnessed the change in me from a student or a below-20 years old individual, to what and who I am now. I hope that you guys will continue to read my blog as I sincerely like to share my life happenings, as well as to share with you more product reviews or events that I go to. Of course you can visit my Instagram and Twitter account which contains quick updates of my daily life! :p

Thus, I decided to hold this giveaway, I know the products may not be super high in value, but I hope you will like it nonetheless. Other than my own 'prizes' which I am giving away, I am EXTREMELY glad and grateful to have the kind support of my hair salon sponsor, whom will be sponsoring the GRAND PRIZE!!! A full hair makeover! And they have also initiated to give a special discount promotion for all whom will be participating in my blog giveaway. So nice right..... They are so nice to have something for everyone! THANK YOU SALON DE CHOIX management team! :)


#1. A Hair Makeover Session consisting of Hair Color, Treatment and Cut/Trim (Valued at more than SGD350).
#2. A one-time discount of 25% on your next visit to Salon De Choix.
#3. A set of Victoria's Secret Very Sexy beauty range: Body Wash (100ml), Body Lotion (100ml) and Sheer Sexy Mist (125ml).

 #1 to be redeemed by 1 month from the day I announce the giveaway results. Not transferable/refundable/exchangeable for cash. #2 is valid for 3 months from the day you redeem your Hair Makeover Session. Not transferable and not to be used with any ongoing promotions by the salon. Valid for all hair services done #3 will be mailed to your place by non-normal postage method to avoid any loss.

You may like to read  some of my past blog posts on Salon De Choix:

1. http://felizaong.blogspot.sg/2012/12/digital-hair-perm-at-salon-de-choix.html
2. http://felizaong.blogspot.sg/2013/05/salon-de-choix-hair-color-and-soft.html 
3. http://felizaong.blogspot.sg/2013/06/hair-cut-and-treatment-session-at-salon.html

2nd Prize: DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil

I have been using DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil, and I am currently into my 2nd bottle. I use this on my medium to heavy makeup days. On my light-makeup days, I use the Biore Cleansing Oil-In Cotton sheets. I liked the fact that I can use this cleansing oil with wet hands. Usually, for most cleansing oils, it is a must to use on dry hands only. It is amazing how this cleansing oil removes all the makeup so thoroughly! This is my own 'little something' to the 2nd prize winner. Hope you will like this as much as I do! DHC products can be found in selected Watsons stores, by the way. I also consume the DHC's collagen drink regularly, which I have been drinking it for... I dunno how long, but I am at my 4th box now! :)

3rd Prize: VanityTrove set (SGD25)

Honestly, I do not know what is in there... But since VanityTrove surprises their subscribers with wonderful stuff monthly, I believe those products in the box will be awesome and I hope you will like it! Instead of having just 1 product, I thought that perhaps a VanityTrove set will be interesting since whoever that wins this will have more products to try, and smaller sized packaging means that you can use these products when you travel overseas! Whoever you are that wins this, hope you can share with me what's in there, as I have no idea and I am rather curious haha... Take a photo or something! Heh!~

*2nd and 3rd prize will also be mailed out to respective winners via non-Normal mailing method. Sorry, only for Singapore mailing addresses only.


Thanks to Salon De Choix, they are offering a 25% discount to ALL of my dear participants.
All you have to do is to call +65 68362959, and book your appointment. 
Remember to quote 'Feliza Birthday 25% Promo'. 
When you are at the Salon for your appt, simply present your IC to verify it is really you.
Show your phone to the staff  for verification that you have 'Liked' the Salon De Choix FB Page.
 Normally, my blog readers will get to enjoy 15% discount when they 
quote my name when making an appointment. But this is a 25% off! Awesome or what!?

Salon De Choix is located at: 
3 Killiney Road #01-06 
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

'Feliza Birthday 25% Promo' are redeemable only by all participants of my Birthday giveaway contest. Non-transferable and not valid with any ongoing promotions by the salon. Valid for all types of hair services done. Redeemable only once, based on total bill. To be redeemed within 1 month from the day I announce the giveaway results.


1. 'Like' my FB page and share this post. Pls comment back in my FB post that you have 'Liked and Shared'! (1 chance): CLICK HERE for my FB PAGE

2. AND/OR : Follow me on my Twitter and RT my tweet or tweet as per below.
 (1 chance): CLICK HERE for my TWITTER PAGE!

RT to win prizes such as a hair makeover (Color, Treatment & Cut) in 2013 Bday Giveaway! More info here:

3. Finally, most importantly, please drop me a comment in this blog post, in this format:
Liked and shared on FB: Yes / No
and (FB Nick, if it is not the same name as per above)
Followed and RT on Twitter: Yes/ No
and (Twitter nick)

** If you do both Step 1 & 2, you will have 2 chances. If you do either 1, that just means 1 chance. I will be using an online random generator to draw out the winners, as per all my previous giveaway procedures for fair purposes. Thus, results are final. I look forward to your participation. And once again, thank you for all of your support. I hope to continue to create more blog contents that are of interest to you! This giveaway contest ends on 12 JULY 2013, 6pm. Results will be announced on 14 JULY 2013. :)


1 Response to Feliza 2013 Birthday Giveaway Contest!

28 June 2013 at 07:59

Awesome contest!
Count me in. Good luck everyone :)

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