Rest more, Feliza!

Just last 2 Mondays ago, I fell ill - Bad sore throat and fever. I went to see  the doctor the next morning, and by then... I also had flu and cough.  Despite that, I still went to work on that day. I still remembered wearing a jacket before sleeping each night, as well as wrapping myself with the blanket, with no air-con or fan switched on. But I still felt very cold, while I could feel that my body was  emitting heat. Each and every night of last week. My fever was not that bad during the day... Luckily.

Throughout the same week, my flu was very bad. To be honest, I have never used so many pieces of tissue before while being ill, for at least the last 5 years! Haha! I know I shouldn't go to work. But even if I were to take MC, I would be at home working on my emails, so might as well be in the office doing it. I don't know if I should feel proud saying this - But never in my life when I am sick and still continued working in the evenings after dinner all the way to 1 to 2am++ each night. Plain stupidity or hardworking? I.just.don' That's all.

It was finally when my temperature rose to the point that I was having a high fever on Thursday night. But I still continued to work on a quotation file till I couldn't continue at all as I felt extremely weak. It was then that I was 'forced/ordered' by my loved one to take MC for the next day. Honestly, I also felt that the medicine which the doctor had prescribed to me was not helping me. It was my first time at that clinic as it was near my office. So on Friday, I went to another clinic, the one which I have been going to for years... To see the doctor whom I really trust alot. He's really good in his field of work, I tell you.

I showed him all the medicine that I was eating. And apparently, some was rather mild thus perhaps that was why I couldn't recover. I actually asked for the non-drowsy flu medicine. He said since I would not be working during the weekend, I should take the regular flu medicine and have more rest. I guess he was right - I needed rest. Lots of rest. I spent the whole weekend resting. Refrained myself from doing any emails.

 What my doc prescribed to me. Never had to eat so many medicine before.
Most serious illness of mine of recent years mann... :-/

After 2 weeks, I am still having slight flu. But I feel certainly better. I managed to stop my work at 1am++ each night as of last week. I am trying to gradually sleep earlier each night. I don't want to fall so sick ever again.

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