Hair Treatment at Salon De Choix!

It is recommended to do a hair treatment every 4 weeks. This is to repair any hair damage, reduce dryness or fuzziness, as well as to, of course, to pamper you lovely tresses! Recently, I ventured back to my hair salon sponsor, Salon De Choix, for a hair treatment session. And let me share more with you about it!~ :)

Arriving at the salon, I was led to a seat and settled down while waiting for my stylist, Elein, to do a pre-treatment consultation with me. She shared me on the particular hair treatment type that she would be doing for me this time round. It is a totally new hair treatment procedure that I have not done before at Salon De Choix.

A few droplets of essential oil was squeezed out into this black container.
The oil contains natural plant extracts such as flowers and eucalyptus.
 photo DSC02230__zps1e6f69cf.jpg
 photo DSC02228__zpsdef6eb6a.jpg

It was then swiftly applied onto the various hair sections using the brush.
 photo DSC02231__zpsddd330e8.jpg

 photo DSC02232__zpsda636d91.jpg

Next, Elein gave me a VERY GOOD scalp massage for about 5 to 10 minutes. It was so relaxing and somehow helped me to destress, amidst my heavy workload. I have to add that the essential oil smelt really refreshing and relaxing too. I could smell the scent and I breathed in deeply, inhaling the wondrous relaxing scent of the essential oil.

 photo DSC02234__zpse0ab5efe.jpg

Elein has been in this profession for many years. 
Somehow, she seemed to know how my head to be massaged, the points to press, etc.
I also like it whenever she shampoos my hair for me... Super relaxing! ^_^
 photo DSC02235__zps803c9f32.jpg

My hair was then wrapped into a turban and left for awhile in this manner.
In this way, my hair could absorb the beneficial nutrients of the essential oil.
 photo DSC02238__zps2d53bc22.jpg

Yes, I couldn't help but to take a shot of my hair being wrapped up. I was thinking I was wearing a turban.
Like those ladies in Africa whom would have their hair wrapped in a turban. Heh.

Here comes my hair treatment 
after the hairwash!!!~~

Elein mixed a few drops of the Mythic Oil, and mixed it with the treatment cream.
 photo DSC02243__zpsbc1c48ed.jpg

Before applying the treatment cream, Elein first sprayed my hair with a pre-treatment care.
This product helps in protecting and nourishing my hair!
 photo DSC02246__zps28ba27f5.jpg

After applying the treatment cream on my hair, it was time for the steam!
 photo DSC02248__zpsb3b1d2b8.jpg
 photo DSC02250__zps41f472f4.jpg

While waiting, it is time to read magazines! 
I liked tee fact that Salon De Choix always have the latest magazine issue!
 photo DSC02244__zps6febc8c4.jpg

Then, it was time for a hair wash!
And still remember me mentioning about the salon's massage chair?
You get your hair washed and body massaged at the same time!
It loosens your tired muscles and relaxes you at the same time.
I love these chairs mann~

And this is the end result after Elein helped 
to blow and style my hair.
 photo DSC02252__zps2fad0b35.jpg

I love my curls~
It is easier to blow such curls by yourself in fact, 
almost effortlessly,if you have your hair permed.
(I had mine permed at Salon De Choix a couple of months ago).
 photo DSC02256__zps1738cdc7.jpg

I also liked how my color highlights stood out from those permed tresses of mine.
It was not the normal highlighting technique, but something different which Elein had done for me.
(You can read about my hair color job by Elein by clicking [HERE].).
 photo DSC02258__zps6175f718.jpg

And self-shots taken at the salon!
I love how healthy and lively my hair looks after the hair treatment!
It has been about a week, and my hair still looks and feels as good!
And my hair ends do not look that dry anymore! Yay~ 

 photo DSC02262__zps3b9f479f.jpg

See those highlights of mine!!?
Looks really nice with permed hair right?! :D
 photo DSC02264__zpsfd46d383.jpg

 photo DSC02269__zpsafd3a3d6.jpg

 photo DSC02276__zps3f92fef7.jpg

Hello!~ I'm in Paris...... HEH!~
 photo DSC02278_2_zps92d6b8d5.jpg

Below shots taken with my phone camera...

 photo photo1_2_zps7115ff83.jpg

 photo photo__zps828b133b.jpg

If you are interested to make an appointment at Salon De Choix,
mention my name 'Feliza'  when you call to the salon 
and get 15% discount off your total bill~
(Not applicable for promotions)
CALL TO BOOK AN APPT: +65 6836 2959!
My stylist's name is Elein!

For more information about Salon De Choix, 
check out their FACEBOOK

Salon De Choix is located at: 
3 Killiney Road #01-06 
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

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