KissJane Store Opening at Vivocity

I was invited by KissJane for their latest store opening and I was told that they will be sending the invitation card to me. I wasn't expecting that it'd be sent in the SWEETEST WAY EVER - In a dainty-looking basket, along with a cheery-looking sunflower, Brand's Innershine Prune Essence,strawberry Pocky biscuits and some Hershey's Kisses chocolates. This (see pic below) was couriered to my office, and the sunflower really made my day as I was feeling rather under the weather!

 photo IMG_9329.jpg

KissJane's Storefront
Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_9905_.jpg

KissJane's Vivocity store houses 19 online store brands such as Danzelia (ones of my faves!), The Velvet Dolls, The Blush Inc, Lexi Lyla (their very first 'retail presence), My Glamour Place (MGP), and many more! Not only there are apparels for all occasions, KisSJane also offers bags, clutches, accessories and pretty shoes (by Love Schues)! With so many brands all under one roof, KissJane presents you with a wide variety of the latest designs by the many popular blogshops in Singapore! :)

The guys all ready to welcome the guests to the event!
Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_9910_.jpg

And I unabashedly took a photo with them! :p
Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_9907_.jpg

Some of the clothes which I tried
Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_9914_.jpg

Tried this top from Amber Avenue.
Didn't buy it. Size S was too tight at the chest; Size M was too loose at the waist area.
Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_9917_.jpg

Also tried this top from missypixie.
Didn't buy this as I didn't quite prefer such material for a peplum top. :(
Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_9918_.jpg

I tried so many clothes, I was on a roll! Haha! But I finally selected these pieces to bring home (as seen in below photos). And the SA (if I'm not it's Elaine) was really helpful. She showed me some clothes after I shared with her the kind of clothes I was thinking of getting, she also offered her opinions and suggestions, as well as offering me necklaces to try on, to match with my outfits I was donning. 

Watercolor Splash Dress by The Tinsel Rack.
Took this pic with Charlene. She's so nice to help me take pics (those pics which my blog URL watermark are in Pink color), dropbox-ed it to me. I only did the color editing to the photos she took using her camera. I brought my DSLR camera that day, but my memory card was full after taking 10-ish shots. (-_-)" 

Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_6554_.jpg

Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_6563_.jpg

Check out the range of accessories and shoes in the background!
Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_6560_.jpg

Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_6559_.jpg

I got this too: Queen of Spades dress (Size S) from Lily Pirates.
This is from their latest collection (#133). KissJane's price: $39.90, LLP's online price $34.
 photo green2.jpg

I'm into Hot Pink recently (due to my latest Aldo heel purchase where it spots a florescent pink color tone), so I couldn't resist this Memoirs Ruffles Top by The Closet Lover. I also gotten a peplum skirt in Cobalt Blue color by The Blush Inc. I didn't intend to match these two pieces as an overall outfit. Rather that, I was interested in both pieces so I tried both at the same time. But you know what? I may wear it as how I unintentionally matched it afterall! Haha!

Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_6566_.jpg

The official photographer taking pics of me, while Charlene took photos of him taking me.
Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_6573_.jpg

Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_6572_.jpg

Me, Charlene and Felicia! Happy KissJane shoppers! :p
Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_6574_.jpg

One last picture before we left the event.
I wonder why that guy at the left kept having photos with his eyes closed mann~
Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_6580_.jpg
Kissjane Vivocity Store Opening photo IMG_6573_.jpg

After that, we went off for Coca Restaurant for a Steamboat lunch! And we headed off to the SK-II counter at Takashimaya departmental store, to have our skin analyzed by the BA. Initially, it was only Felicia who was doing it, but Charlene and I decided to do it as well haha! I don't really have my skin analyzed, thus it was a good experience to have it done and understand my skin better. :)

SK-II photo SK2.jpg

It was evening by then, and I had to go off for my next appointment. Really enjoyed my time out with them! It was a great day overall, and especially so as I ended up meeting my Sister for a chit-chat session! I guessed we kinda chatted till 11pm or so before we headed back.

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8 November 2012 at 23:38

Happy to see so many beautiful photos of you. You really look very attractive. You grow in beauty and become more sexy also. The two guys really blessed to took the photo with you. You are far more then attractive. D3lonely

9 November 2012 at 07:38

Can't stop but keep coming back to view your new added photos, especially can't take my eyes away from those photos where you wear the Watercolor Splash Dress . It not about your beautiful boobs that draw me to you, it your look, love especially the 3 photos that close up on your face. You really look very attractive. The smile look so beautiful and sexy. Love every pose on you, you are a very great model, someone who add color to the photo. Be it is those dress that show off your cleverage, or those dress that cover you head to toes, your beauty just draw me close to you. Love every detail of you, not by those sexy dress, but you the eyes, the nose,the mouth, the sexy lips of you. Yes those sexy dress you wear do make it more then a bonus to revisit your blog, but it your look that really kill. You are really very attractive. D3lonely

11 November 2012 at 07:23

The look of the new photo in your twitter look very sexy. It a different look of you but still very pretty. Hope more photos will follow. D3lonely

11 November 2012 at 09:21

The man who will be most blessed will be the one who everyday wake up and see you sleeping by his side every morning. Any guy who win your heart, who able to create a family with you, who can help you clean your back, who able to kiss your beautiful, sexy lips, able to hug you, smell you, heard your beautiful voice every second, will be the most blessed man. You are a very attractive, very sexy, very wonderful girl. D3lonely

13 November 2012 at 09:59

The most blessed man Propose? =( Hope he really know how to love and cherish you. Hope after marry, you can still update with your photos. He really so blessed to have you as his wife. To have such a beautiful wife like you will be a dream, and not to mention to see you every morning, to kiss you, hug you, smell you, it will be like in heaven, he so blessed= ( D3lonely

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