Singapore Flyer's FrightFest 2012 (Media Preview)

Halloween is well over, and nope, I did not play dress-up as I was not in Singapore last weekend. But a Blogger & Media Preview with Singapore Flyer's FrightFest 2012 last month was good enough to make up for it! 

It was my 2nd time being onboard the Singapore Flyer (1st time was also for a Blogger event. click HERE to read), and I was more than happy to be up in the skies, 165m high! Especially so since I am someone who likes seeing the scenery from a high altitude as it totally marvels me alot! I was enjoying the panoramic view of the city, which includes the latest attraction place, Gardens by The Bay.

Me in the Singapore Flye capsule

Check out the view of Singapore in the pictures below! :)

View of Singapore onboard the Singapore Flyer 01

View of Singapore onboard the Singapore Flyer 02

View of Singapore onboard the Singapore Flyer 03

View of Singapore onboard the Singapore Flyer 04

View of Singapore onboard the Singapore Flyer 05

After the Singapore Flyer ride, we disembarked to head to the location for the movie-themed Halloween experience, FrightFest 2012. It was held in the garden at the Singapore Flyer building. Walking through the "Undead Forest" was frightening. I couldn't help but to anticipate which scary characters would appear out of nowhere and scare the hell out of me. I felt like I was part of various movies such as Sadako, The Maid, The Walking Dead and Friday the 13th! Check out the photos below!

Singapore Flyer FrightFest 2012 02

Singapore Flyer FrightFest 2012 03

Singapore Flyer FrightFest 2012 01

Singapore Flyer FrightFest 2012 05

Singapore Flyer FrightFest 2012 04

Singapore Flyer FrightFest 2012 08

Singapore Flyer FrightFest 2012 06

Singapore Flyer FrightFest 2012 07

After the hair-standing experience at Frightfest 2012, we went to the Singapore Flyer lounge, where we had a simple reception. We were served a chilling (No pun intended! Hehe!) cocktail which was specially prepared for this Halloween event. The longan fruit that was placed on the top of each drink really looked like a bloody eyeball!

Singapore Flyer FrightFest 2012 10

Awhile later, the talented scare crew (Students from Singapore Polytechnic's Diploma in Integrated Projects & Event Management course) appeared for a photo session. It was great that we could see them in bright lighting finally as I was admiring the FX Makeup and their attire. They have done an overall great job!

Singapore Flyer FrightFest 2012 11

Singapore Flyer FrightFest 2012 12

How did you celebrate Halloween?
Went Trick-Or-Tricking? 
Or to any Halloween Parties? 
Share your pics or blog post with me! :)

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5 November 2012 at 22:23

You are really very beautiful. D3lonely

6 November 2012 at 13:53

Never easy to see you suffer, hope you get well soon. Love every expression and pose of you. You are a very beautiful and sexy lady. Hope there will have more photos update. Get well princess, hope to see your email reply soon. D3lonely

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