Run For Your Life!

Running is a form of exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere. All you need is your trusty pair of running shoes (the bare minimal basic, at least!) and you are good to go, whenever you feel like it. And that is why I love it! I try to run twice a week, along the streets or in the park. Usually at night. But I do hit the treadmill if I am at the gym too (though I would prefer spending the time at gym doing resistance training and on the ellipticals, since running can be done on the streets.)

Some people run competitively. Some for recreational purposes. And some for simply to socialize. Whereas some do it for weight loss or health reasons. Whatever reasons that have got you to run, that's good. At least you are doing some sort of exercise... Getting your heart pumping, your blood flowing!~ :p  Read below for 'Why Running is Good for Your Body':

Running photo Running.jpg
Above article is from this webpage. Click [HERE] to enter.

Interesting fact from above list is that men who burn 3,000 calories a week are less likely to have severe erectile dysfunction. I didn't know that.... But one thing to note is that when you exercise more, your stamina will be better too... ;)

So let me present to you my new pair of running shoes!
New Balance 01 photo IMG_0188_.jpg

I liked that the color is girlish enough 
and the neon green shoelaces are so 'poppingly-bright'!
New Balance 02 photo IMG_0203_.jpg

New Balance 03 photo IMG_0210_.jpg

New Balance 04 photo IMG_0226_.jpg

And my new top!
New Balance 05 photo IMG_0229_.jpg

I was told that the material for this top will allow me to simply wash it with water and simply hang it up to dry. No need for machine wash. But nay, I am still going to wash it in the washer. I have since worn it once ever since I got it 6 days ago. I wore it during my badminton session last Wednesday, and I really do like the material. Comfortable and cooling. Also, this top has the X-Static technology incorporated in it - A kind of technology which contains 99.9% Pure Silver with a Core Fiber in the middle. Having X-Static technology in the apparel material makes the apparel antimicrobial, eliminates odor and static, as well as regulating the temperature (Keeps you cold in the summer and warm in the winter). Interesting right? :)

This top is about SGD80? The shoes is about SGD130++?
I didn't get the shorts though (cost about SGD40, I think).
New Balance 07 photo IMG_9559_.jpg

I am actually interested in the New Balance's Minimus range too. It is a combination of barefoot running (Think: Vibram FiveFingers) and normal running shoes. I haven't gotten a VFF all these while as I am still very used to the 'look' of running shoes and I don't actually prefer the toe design of the VFF... So Minimus seems like the perfect alternative to the VFF for me! But I didn't get the Minimum though.... But it is certainly good to have! :)

I can't wait to wear my new trackies and run those miles!!!
And also because, I wanna lose weight to look awesome for the upcoming festive season! :p

I will leave you now, with the quote below by Alberto Salazar, a marathon runner during the 1980s (Currently employed by Nike as Coach for the Nike Oregon Project):

New Balance 06 photo IMG_9576.jpg

Keep Running!
Run for your LIFE! :)

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25 November 2012 at 22:36

You look extremely beautiful and sexy in my dream this morning. Wearing an white transparnt lace bown, that show off your beautiful boobs and curve. And a long dress that with a cut in the centre that show off your beautiful thigh. But strangely that you did not make up. Yes it your naked face, but yet you look extremely beautiful. Then I realise you look extremely beautiful on your naked face and not by the sexy bown. you are beautiful and sexy, princess Feliza. D3lonely

26 November 2012 at 01:41

Like your tonight dress, it look so beautiful on you, hope there will be more to be share by you. d3lonely

27 November 2012 at 15:52

Love the 3 recent update of your photos in your twitter. Extremely sexy. Love the zip design, it a very sexy design. And it look even more great on you. D3lonely

28 November 2012 at 20:02

Are you the girl who wear a black top and silver dress at funan? D3lonely

1 December 2012 at 15:56

It so hard not to think of you. especially seeing you in real. You just too beautiful. D3lonely

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