Review: Fabulous Nip and Fab beauty products! Fix it all!

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Nip + Fab (Nip and Fab website: originates from the UK, and is known to be a cult beauty brand. So popular that it has garnered fans whom are celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow, among others! 

The clinically-tested range of products for the face and body caters to the mass market of women and men whom are looking for effective solutions for their body and face concerns yet affordable and fuss-free. Nip and Fab's wide range of products addresses users' desires for body firming, skin soothing, skin hydration, and alot more!

Prior to the launch of their products, which are available at all Watson's stores (or you can purchase online at their website), they have kindly sent 6 of their products to me. And I have to say that I am truly amazed with it and I wanna share it with you!


The 6 Nip+Fab products sent to me were (L-R of below pic):
(1) Cellulite Fix
(2) Dry Leg Fix
(3) Bust Fix
(4) Tummy Fix)
(5) Dry Hand Fix
(6) Multi Fix Oil


Me at the condo pool. Thanks to my Sis for this pic. Heh!

We were swimming and I thought why not take a pic with the products.
Afterall, the Cellulite Fix, Bust Fix and Tummy Fix are SUPER UBER HELPFUL ESSENTIAL 
products to achieve the awesome bikini body! So I took them to the pool with me! Hee~ :p

Multi Fix Oil (SGD19.90, 100ml)
The Multi Fix Oil  is an award-winning product by Nip+Fab. This oil-based multi-purpose product is the hottest celeb-secret product as it has more than 100 fantastic use to it - Such as to reduce acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkle and fine lines. It can even be applied lightly under your eyes to reduce the appearance of eye-bags. Perfect to reduce body dryness and itchiness, as well as moisturizing and hydrating your skin during the harsh winter. (I am so going to bring this along during my year-end Winter Wonderland trip!) I felt that the oil application is quite heavy, so it will be better to use it at night, or perhaps in the day only when you know you will be home. Otherwise, I feel the rich oil content may not feel good on your skin in our humid weather!

Dry Hand Fix (SGD15.90, 75ml)
Nip+Fab's Dry Hand Fix is a hand cream which not only does the job of moisturizing one's skin and to reduce the hand dryness, it also helps to brighten one's skin tone. I will recommend to use it often, especially if you work in an air-conditioned environment. Like for me, I am never without my hand cream in office. A pair of beauteous hands is very attractive, IMO.  And I always feel that it is important to care for our hands as they show one of the first signs of ageing! This cream absorbs quickly and does not stain my laptop with greasy marks (Plus point!).

Dry Leg Fix (SGD15.90, 100ml)
With the help of an innovative moisturising + restructuring hydraconcept (water concept) called Aquaxyl™, the Dry Leg Fix is an intensive balm which smoothes and nourishes dry, flaky skin and makes way for silky legs that you will be so proud of to parade them around by wearing mini shorts and skirts, and of course, the sexy bikini! ;p I don't have dry legs, so I couldn't see a significant visible difference. But yes, my legs felt smoother, and thus... Sexier!!! Applying these seem to have made my legs look smoother and with a more even skin tone too. I applied it only before I go to bed. I think it will be useful to use it in the office air-con environment, especially if you do not wear stockings to work (Well I don't) and you want to keep your legs moisturized. :)

Ok! The interesting moment has arrived...

How to achieve the 'Fit for the summer, confidently parading yourself in your bikini at the beaches,to be the envy of everyone else' sexy body that you always dream of?

But I don't mean that you should start parading down Orchard Road or Marina Bay Sands while wearing only your bikini! Of course you can, if you want to... But remember to tell me, so that I can be there to photograph first-hand. :p

Do you want to have fuller AND firmer bust?
A firmer, less flabby tummy? Abs, perhaps?
To reduce the appearance of cellulite, say on your legs and butt cheeks?

 Miracles can happen and the secret lies in the following 3 products...

Bust Fix (SGD29.90, 100ml)
The Bust Fix serum contains CellActive®- FORM, which is a plant-based complex of active ingredients which supports the natural process of lipid deposition. It aims to visibly plump, smoothes and firm skin around the bust + décolleté. A fuller bust can thus be achieved, as well as to have the contours of your cleavage area to be nicely and firmly reshaped.

 I have never applied nor eaten any products related to enhancing the fullness of my bust ever before... So this was my first time that I tried a bust-enhancing product. The light gel cream sinks into the skin quickly. It is said to be a 'boob job in a tube'... Though I couldn't see significant results (Such as an increase in another cup size), but I can tell you that the Bust Fix is more like a 'bust plumper' where it plumps up your bust, just like how lip plumpers do the job to make your lips look plumper.

 But from the raving reviews and testimonials that I have been reading online, in magazines (Saw it in the Cosmopolitan magazine which I was reading at Salon De Choix last week, where it published the Cosmo Opinionators' review, which you can read it HERE.) and even on YouTube videos, seems like Bust Fix is THE answer for many whom are looking to achieve fuller-looking bust. :)

Side Note: I only applied this once a day, at night. I only tested it for 2 weeks. 
Perhaps, that was why it was not that significant of a change for me? Maybe.

Tummy Fix (SGD29.90, 100ml)
OK, I LOVE THIS!!! I LOVE THIS, I LOVE THIS AND I LOVE THIS!!! Doesn't that already tell you how awesome the Nip+Fab's Tummy Fix is? *grins* This is a popular product in UK, where it constantly sells out and consumers have to be put on the waiting list for this! Even celebs like Girls Aloud singer, Kimberley Walsh, endorses this product. And at the price of SGD29.90, I have to tell you 3 words... "JUST BUY IT!".

I can't promise you that you will have 6-pack abs after using this so-called 'Daily Ab Gel', but I have to say that the revolutionary formula, AmaraShape,which is a highly-effective combination of fat-burning actives, really helps in the toning, slimming, smoothing and tightening of your tummy area! I'm not blessed with abs or a flat tummy (Seriously!), so this product is really useful for me! So if you are looking into achieving a flatter/toner tummy, this TUMMY FIX is a MUST-BUY! Seriously, just buy it.... Really. I feel that Tummy Fix goes hand-in-hand with doing some abdominal exercises (Eg. Crunches) so as to achieve optimum results quickly. 

Now you can start wearing your bralet tops and Herve Leger bandage dresses without worrying about having a tummy bulge. And not to forget, put on your bikinis with new-found confidence, show your tummy, stop covering it up with your towel or top, and have fun by the pool or at the beach! Oh, beach bars too! :p

For the Mummies out there, I feel that this Tummy Fix gel cream will help in tummy toning and improving the skin texture. So if you are looking for something to use after birth to tone the once-taut tummy of yours, I feel that you can use this. Although I can't vouch that this works since I am not a Mummy, but there are reviews by Mummies who swear by this. ;)

Cellulite Fix (SGD29.90, 150ml)
The Cellulite Fix gel contains CellActive®- SHAPE, which is a complex active ingredienth which is enriched with a powerful combination of Indian forskolin, natural caffeine and the Essential Cell Boost-Factor. This aids in the fat breakdown, promote the removal of waste substances and improve tissue firmness. Thus, this acts quickly in combating cellulite. Say bye-bye to dimply thighs or orange peel butts now!

After trying it for 2 weeks, I feel that Cellulite Fix penetrates quickly into the skin. The non-sticky gel is certainly welcoming as I totally loathe those body cream/lotion/gel which leaves a sticky feeling after applicaion. I don't have visible cellulite (That's what he said! I concur that too!) so I can't comment if it really reduces the cellulite visibility. But my skin certainly feels firmer and toner. I feel awesome!

The 6 products under Nip+Fab's body care line!
Nip Fab 02

Nip+Fab products can be found in Watsons stores.
And just to share with you, the one product I would like to try is the No Needle Fix!
Not in Singapore yet... But soon! ;)  

They are currently running a '20 Days Of Giveaway' specials!
It's Day 7 already. So go 'Like' their Facebook Page NOW! :)

Stay Fabulous!!!

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Super model, you always look so beautiful and sexy. D3lonely

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