Review: Dinner at Oso Ristorante

The dinner that I had at Oso Ristorante was very memorable. Other than the fine company and conversation that I had with my dinner partner, the food was lovely and service at Oso was impeccable. In fact, I have to say that all, if not most, of the staff were very attentive and meticulous to my needs, yet they were warm and friendly at the same time... And I have to say, such splendid service provided was not seen in even some of the other fine dining places which I had previously dined at.

Oso Ristorante is opened by world-renowned chef Diego Chiarini. The Italian-decorated upscale restaurant is situated on the second level of the building that also houses the French restaurant, Absinthe (Well, this is one of the restaurants in my 'To Dine' list, as I love French cuisine. And the reason why we dined at Oso was because my partner likes Italian, so I chose that.)


I requested for a table in a quaint corner, and I was offered one beside a window, looking out to the balcony where tables are also set up for patrons to be seated at. Quaint it may be, but the girl (yes, girl, not lady) that was seated near us spoke a tad too loud and it seemed that she had so much to talk about that she did not seemed to stop throughout the whole dinner. That really killed the whole mood, somehow. (No, that 'loud' girl is not in the pic above. I'm nice like that.)

On a happy note, I felt we made a good selection in selecting the bottle of Prosecco Extra Dry sparkling wine as our choice of wine for the evening. When I saw Prosecco, the thought of my fave Bellini cocktail drink came into my mind, for it is the (original) main ingredient in the Bellini drink. :)


A bread basket was served to us, which I like the bread sticks most.

The starter plate as a perfect combination of the below, which definitely acted as a teaser, arousing my taste buds for the rest of the dinner.
Buffalo mozzarella tartar with basil pesto and tomato sabayon
Slowly cooked pork belly with honey served cold and thinly sliced "Porchetta"
Marinated tuna loin and mixed vegetables in tartar "Scapece"

Thick and creamy potato and white truffle flavor soupIMG_2445

Other than the warm soup that was served, a small amount of the soup
(cold soup, in fact, and that's really creative) was served in the cute little eggshell

And so, one is to drink the cold soup from the eggshell using the straw provided.


With such a cute face doodle on the egg, it was no surprise that I was full of smiles! :p
You see it, you feel happy too.

Homemade tagliatelle with fish and seafood in tomato-dry oregano base

My partner's main: Stewed seabass fillet with mixed mushrooms and spinach cake


My main: Braised and deboned duck leg served in timbale
with mash potato and orange "Gremolata"

I enjoyed my main course thoroughly. It was something different from the usual duck confit. The orange gremolata brought out the duck meat's deep flavor. The meat was tender and it was presented in its shredded form but as a whole piece/block. One thing to mention was that my mains was served with mashed potato, which was rather repetitive since I already had the thick and creamy potato soup - Thus, something different for the sides would have been good to have.



Dessert: 70% dark chocolate soup served with saffron frozen parfait

I always believe that a good dinner must end with an unique dessert. Oso didn't fail to surprise me! I smiled widely with excitement when the waiter presented our desserts to us. The beautiful flower montif and the 3D butterfly biscuit captured my heart totally, almost too pretty to consume, hehe! Taste-wise, the parfait that contrasted with the dark-colored chocolate liquid paired off really well.

Overall, it was a gastronomic dining experience, coupled with great wine and company. The service is fantastic, same goes to the food pairing and presentation.... And all these, are enough for me to render a second visit, someday. :)

Oso Ristorante

46 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089858

Tel: (65) 6327 8378


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