Brunch at Hatched cafe (Evans Road)

For someone like me who finds delight in having brunches, good coffee and cafe sessions, Hatched was always one of the brunch places that I would want to visit. Particularly the one at Evans Road, as I have drove past the place plenty of times but didn't stop by, yet I liked how this cafe is housed in Evans Lodge, a relatively 'old-looking' building that has those non-modern windows (It's a hostel building, by the way). So on one weekend afternoon, I made heading to Hatched for a meal as a 'To-Do' thing.

But before I share with you those food pics,
Imma bombard you with my self-taken shots! :p

Camwhore time!

My favorite Dior shades!

I liked my OOTD. :)
010912_ (2)

"The best feeling in the world is realizing that you're 
perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed".

I felt that the decor around the counter area was interesting.

My 'Pancake Party'!
Thick pancakes served with maple syrup berry compote.

I dare say that I have tried better pancakes, so I had quite a difficult time eating this. These pancakes could have been better. Perhaps my brunch experience at the all-day breakfast place, Hatched, could have been better if I had chosen something else to eat. And nope, I did not finish my Pancake Party... Not quite the party that I was expecting. But I must add that the berry compote paired well with the pancakes.


Pancake Love. Yes. But perhaps not at Hatched.

One of my dessert weakness is this. So it was a 'must-order' item
for me when I saw the Chocolate Fondant on Hatched's menu.

The warm chocolate lava cake was good, thus it made up for my pancake disappointment. We had a cup of coffee each, which was clearly a disappointment. So much so that I even thought of driving down to the nearby Papa Palheta once I leave for a good cuppa coffee. Should have not ordered the coffee. Instead, we should have left the coffee-drinking to be at somewhere else after brunch. But what's brunch without a cuppa coffee?

We were there till 4.45pm. Last order was at 4.30pm.
2 hot girls who came specially for Hatched (overheard their

conversation) after 4.30pm were turned away. So be there early!


Hatched has another outlet (started its operations a few months back) at Holland Village, which I came across many negative reviews and comments on that outlet. Sadly. A pity, you can say. Perhaps there are certain 'must-order' or 'star' food items served at Hatched which I didn't order during my visit? If not, how else to explain the hype about Hatched? Maybe it is the 'all-day breakfast' concept? I have totally no idea.

It has been so long since I went to a F&B place and left with disappointment. Maybe I placed too much expectations on it with the hype and all. But of course, I braced myself for some room for disappointment since I read those negative reviews before I made the visit. If you ask me what I liked about Hatched at Evans Road, I will say it is the service, the decor and the ambience. And if you do want to experience Hatched dining, reservations are advisable especially at the Holland branch.

(Wrote this blog post with a heavy heart. Learnt that I shouldn't expect too much, else I will be more disappointed. Life~)

Hatched @ Evans
26 Evans Road
Tel: 67350012
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (8am - 6pm, last order at 4.30pm)

Hatched @ Holland Village
267 Holland Avenue
Tel: 64630012
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (9am - 11pm, last order at 10.30pm)


3 Response to Brunch at Hatched cafe (Evans Road)

Steven Lee
30 September 2012 at 16:19

Hi Fel :)

I tried having weekday brunch at hatched cafe @ HV in June, poor service and the food was just so so... for the egg benedict which i ordered...

with that kind of pricing, i think it's better to give me an egg prata anytime haha!

30 September 2012 at 17:51

The best of this sharing is those beautiful photos of you. You are very attractive, beautiful and sexy in every pose. D3lonely

1 October 2012 at 00:41

You are beautiful Feliza, Just by looking at you photos can really run out of breath. You have an electric eyes that kill, sexy lip that always look so tasty. You are beautiful not because of your boobs, you have boobs that many guys will love, but it your look that attract me to you. You are beautiful. D3lonely

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