Strangers' Reunion, Kampong Bahru Road

I am not exactly a coffee connoisseur, but that did not stop me from tasting 4 different cups of coffee during just one visit to Stranger's Reunion, I tried 4 different cups of coffee. I wanted to. I wanted to savour the coffee that is served in this quaint little cafe, that is opened by Ryan Kieran Tan. He is the 2011 and 2012 Champion in the Singapore National Barista Competition.

Latte, Magic, Flat White and

Coffee 130512

Cafe Latte and Magic



Cafe Latte


Magic (S$4.90) is flat white with double ristretto base, topped with foam milk.
It tasted stronger than the latte, but in a good way.
Smooth texture, and of couse, pretty coffee art. ;)

The Latte was well-balanced, served in a transparent glass instead of the usual coffee cup.

To go along with my coffee, I ordered a Red Velvet Cupcake.
I didn't quite like the frosting at the top. The cupcake was rather dry.
But I still feel that it taste better than the one I ate at Food for Thought.





Strangers' Reunion has interesting table and chair settings.
Different types for you to choose from. Quirky ones, included.

Interesting natural lines on the wooden table.



I saw this in their washroom (see above pic), and I was rather intrigued by it. My first impression of these lotus seed plants was that they look like those botflies coming out of the human skin. If you don't know what are botflies, you can search for YouTube videos on it. Search for 'Botfly extraction', but don't say I didn't warn you that it may get kinda gross! :p

Anyway, Stranger's Reunion is a nice place to chill out at, with good coffee to add. I spent about 2 hours there - Simply sitting down, chatting, and being in deep thoughts evaluating about my life...

CIAO! =)


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