On a Yacht, Out at Sea! Thanks Skinbiotics!

Being out at sea (or even near the sea) never fails to bring me much heightened joy. Hearing the therapeutic sound of the waves while having the sea breeze blowing enthusiastically right into my face is simply blissful. If you are on a yacht beside me, I will turn to you and say, "This is life", while sipping on some bubbly from a champagne flute.


Somehow, the great vast sea contains the magic to drown all anxiety and problems, orchestrating our thoughts to move along the rhythmic motion of the waves and brings us hopes in times of despair. And that is what I love about the sea. Or maybe, just maybe, because I am a Cancerian, and so I belong to the sea.


And thanks to Skinbiotics, a recent Saturday afternoon of mine was simply perfect - Being out at sea, on-board a yacht, enjoying the food and drinks while having fun conversations with others whom share similar interests. Most importantly, and not forgetting, we were introduced to Skinbiotics, the latest beauty supplement which caters to individual skin conditions (endorsed by Fann Wong, by the way~), by Dr David Tan. An introduction and review of this beauty product will be in another blog post, so stay tuned! ^_^



We gathered at One Degree 15, a marina club located in Sentosa first.


On a buggy~



On the berth, heading towards the yacht.





The Lucky 13!

(PHOTO CREDIT TO: Skinbiotics Facebook page)



As I have told you... this trip was of SO.MUCH.FUN!!!


Yi Jing looking pretty camwhoring away~ :p


Patricia and me :)


Verlyn and me in floral dresses! Heh~




Other than sailing past Kusu Island, we also went past St John's Island, where some jet skiing activities were going on. Reminded me of some friends of mine who would actually take their boats out on weekends for jet-ski or diving trips. So anyway, our yacht anchored near St John's island, and we spent the time chatting and taking photos...





I think I took a great shot of Ai. What do you think? :p


Ai took this shot of me. iLikey!


Another shot took by Ai.
Showcasing my Dior sunglasses, haha!


This is my 'favorite dress of the moment'.
I feel happy already just by wearing it.


And what's being on a yacht without a camwhoring session? Feast your eyes on my camwhore photos next! If you can't take it, you can exit from my blog now, but I recommend that you don't as there will be some awesome sunset pictures after this!  :p



Super dreamy feel, right?!
I didn't photoshop the effect in (I don't know how to, in the first place haha!).
Iit was the natural sunlight that gave this effect!

230612 A

Ok, here's a photo of tranquility.
Take a look at this whenever you feel stressed out.. Go on, it's free. :p


It was nice to be in the company of other hot babes on the boat. REALLY.
But this scene would be best shared with your Significant Other.


To a Hopeless Romantic (aka Yours Truly), this was the perfect love scene.
Like how Skinbiotics would be your new-found love once you try it! :p



Sadly, we did not spot any dolphins or penguins (Far-fetched wish of mine, I know haha!)... But we spotted the Chinook helicopter carrying the Singapore flag for the National Day Parade rehearsal (See photo below). There were two Apaches following the chopper, but they left the chopper and went of in another direction shortly. #truestory.


Once the sun had set, we gathered for a sumptuous BBQ dinner, while we were introduced to Skinbiotics products via a presentation. After dinner, we headed to the front of the boat, where we had our desserts, drank and chatted, bombarded Dr David Tan with tons of skin/body/face related questions. Haha!

Without realising how time passed, it was time to return to the jetty.
I was glad to be invited on this boat trip, gain some skin/beauty/health tips and knowledge from Dr David Tan, and finally putting a face to the name of some of the bloggers whom I have not met prior to this event (but have been reading their blogs).

To sum it off...
Skinbiotics took us on an 'afternoon-to-night' yacht journey, which seems to be like how Skinbiotics will accompany you from 20s, all the way to your 50s/60s, via the beauty supplements which focus on your skin needs and conditions, to aid you in treating them, and maintaining your youth as you age with grace.

Skinbiotics has generously provided me with 3 boxes of the supplements, which I will be trying and sharing with you my feedback on them. More on Skinbiotics beauty supplements in another blog post.
Stay tuned! :)


4 Response to On a Yacht, Out at Sea! Thanks Skinbiotics!

28 July 2012 at 11:47

NIP+FAB should pay you to be their model, with TV AD and poster, with a full body shot of you holding their product, will surely make it more sellable. D3lonely

29 July 2012 at 14:47

You look extremely attractive on your sport bra and short, very beautiful and sexy, it been awhile since you last post with a much sexy photo like this, but any photos with you will somehow look beautiful and sexy. I love this photo, but I love the early one you posted with your sport bra more, cause at least that sport bra photo show your beautiful naked face, hope to see more post soon. D3lonely

31 July 2012 at 15:12

The eyes that speak, and attract. It the power of attraction. In true, it hard not to fall in love with you when looking at your electric eyes, so even if it a naked eyes, guys will still found it hard not to look in it. You are just too beautiful princess. D3lonely

1 August 2012 at 00:37

Looking at your eyes, just can't stop looking at it, d3lonely

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