Food Review: Little Pancakes, Upper Thomson Road

I love Sundays.
Because Sundays are for me to venture out,
in search of new places to eat.

So on one Sunday, 
my food journey led me to Little Pancakes!

Mr and Mrs Little Pancakes


Little Pancakes is a cafe located along Upper Thomson Road (very near to Long Beach). And given the name of this cafe, it is an obvious giveaway of what food they are serving to their diners.... LITTLE PANCAKES! All-day pancake menu, I must add! You can come here for a pancake breakfast, brunch, dinner, or even for supper!  THUMBS UP for the late closing time! At least I have one more place to go if I am out late and wanna head to a cafe for light food or coffee!

And it was the first day of its opening on the day I visited them back in May!
(Yes, this post should have been up long ago... )


There are the SWEET, SAVOURY or ASIAN pancake choices for you to choose from the menu. I would recommend the SWEET ones if you have had your meal before coming to Little Pancakes. Else, I would recommend the SAVOURY choices for a more filling meal.


Upon entering the cafe, you find yourself a table and look through the menu. After deciding on your food choices, you head to the counter to make your order and make your payment. You will be given a pretty queue number stand and then you wait for your pancakes to be prepared and served to you! I really like the nice touch of having a stalk of brightly-colored flower on the table... Certainly brightens up one's mood! ^_^


A little of waiting time is required for your order to be served to you as the pancakes are only prepared upon ordering. But in this way, you will be guaranteed fresh, hot, golden-brown pancakes! And one interesting thing is that the pancakes are shaped and cooked lovingly by hands! The guy actually poured the pancake liquid mix onto the frying griddle and shaped it into a nice round shape using a cooking utensil (I think it was a pancake turner?), cooking each single piece of pancake with patience and bestowing each piece with the attention it needs to have it taste so flavorful and with a freshly-made pancake fragrant!

On top of that, Little Pancakes serves Maple Syrup from Vermont, USA!


Unlike the usual pancake size, Little Pancakes serves cute and fluffy pancakes in mini bite-size. A chat with the lady boss had me to learn that the serving size of the pancakes at Little Pancakes is about the same as  the serving size at McDonald's. The reason why it looked a little lesser, is perhaps due to the mini size. :p

Ham and Cheesy


Something Blue


On this first visit, I tried Ham and Cheesy (S$8.50) and Something Blue.

Ham and Cheesy is from the SAVOURY menu and it contains 10 little pancakes, served with ham and cheese, along with potato salad and some greens for the sides. I was hoping that the cheese would be those melted/sticky  kind, but somehow it was simply a piece of cheese. I was quite disappointed about it though. Actually, Ham and Cheesy was not my first choice of order. I wanted to get the Chick and Cheesy (S$8.50), but it was sold out. My second choice was the Big Fan of All Day Breakfast (S$10.90) was also sold out.

Something Blue belongs to the SWEET choices. I like the way that my food was presented - 10 pieces of little pancakes sprinkled with icing powder, stacked together and held by the wooden picks; artistic spread of the blueberry jam, mini-sized berries dotting the plate; served with vanilla ice-cream; and not forgetting the shot glass filled with blueberry anti-oxidant goodness! 

Comparing these two, I prefer "Something Blue". 
Perhaps it is because I have a sweet tooth? :p
I guess I do!
 Since I am planning to try their "Gimme S'more Oreos" when I am there the next time! :p

I also ordered a Cafe Latte.
I liked the additional touch of including a piece of caramelized biscuit along with my coffee!


Little Pancakes seemed to be a nice place to go if you have the cravings for pancakes! During my chat with the lady boss, I learnt that she loves to eat pancakes... So much so that her partner and her would certainly have pancakes at every travel destination that they are at. So even when they were touring the US, that's what they have too. I think it is a brilliant idea to eat the same 'something' at every city/country one visits. I should do something like this... But I must figure out what is the "one thing" that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat so that I can make it a point to do it in most, if not all, of the places I will visit from now. :)

It is similar to my practice of bringing my mini penguin stuffed toy and photographed it with something that states the hotel I am staying in that city/country that I am visiting. Hehe!

Some of the photos taken of my penguin. :p
(YA LAH, I bring a stuffed toy penguin on my business trips. Holidays, not really, dunno why.)

penguin hotel

Thomson Imperial Court, #01-04
200 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574424

Operating Hours:
Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; 12.00pm till 11.00pm
Fridays and Saturdays; 12.00pm till 1.00am
(Closed on Tuesdays)

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