Review: Garnier PureActive Tinted Spot Roll-on

When I am in a mall with lots of time on hand, a place that I would actually go is Watson's. Somehow, there is something interesting to purchase each time I visit the store. During a visit to Watson's few weeks ago, I happened to see the 'Tester' product for the Garnier PureActive Tinted Spot Roll-on, I decided to give it a try and I was SOLD! And I have been using this whenever I have breakouts ever since. ;)


I used to use the Ettusais Medicated Acne Concealer that comes with acne-healing capabilities. But ever since I switched concealer brands (as now I would prefer something 'Waterproof'), my concealer lacks the acne-healing feature, so I felt that this Garnier PureActive Tinted Spot Roll-on comes in real handy!

On days when I am heading out to nearby places and there is no need for makeup (but I will still like to conceal my acne/marks), I will simply apply the Garnier PureActive Tinted Spot Roll-on, and head out. That's it. Nothing else. Easy, swift and best of all - It helps in healing AND covering of my active acne and marks! Absolutely delighting! Indeed a 2-in-1 product!


The product is made in France, and has been tested under dermatological control. The mineral pigment contents help in concealing your acne and imperfections, thus giving a flawless coverage. The HerbaSooth ingredient helps in soothing and calming those angry pimples. The metal roller ball gives an immediate cooling effect once it comes into contact with your skin.

One thing to highlight is that it only comes in one color shade. For myself, it is a slight problem as I have to really make sure that I blend VERY WELL. Otherwise, the difference is very obvious (especially after a few hours when it oxidizes). In addition, it kinda 'fades off' after few hours, probably due to our hot, humid Singapore weather. All you need to do is to bring this little, handy product (slightly thicker than a normal pen) along with you when you are out and touch-up as and when needed. Also, this product has a medium coverage which is good enough for casual days. If you really need to have on an awesome makeup coverage, pile on with your foundation and loose powder for a clearer and smoother finish.

At times when you feel like you can't head out when you have a breakout since it wouldn't do your skin good to have makeup on, I sincerely feel you can consider giving this product a try. Moreover, it is priced at S$22.90... Certainly worth it to pay this affordable amount and head out to have fun! No acne to stop you from going out and having fun with your friends! :p

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25 August 2012 at 10:37

I feel you look more pretty and sexy then Keiko Kitagawa.D3lonely

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