Review: Miracle Snail Cure Hydro Gel Mask

I LOVE eating escargots! 

As long as it is on the menu in the restaurant that I am dining in, I will definitely order it.
And I love how I have gotten a few of my friends to like eating escargots 
after introducing them to this unique dish! #winning

CIMG3965 Soup and Escargots

Despite knowing that snail-related skincare products have been very popular in Korea (You can read [this article], if you like~), I never thought that I would actually try it out. Much more putting on a facial mask which contains 45% of the snail slime leached substances! BUT I DID THAT! I guess the spirits of those snails whom I have eaten all these years are now laughing at me and saying that "IT'S PAYBACK TIME". :p

snail mask

I tested baviphat's Miracle Snail Cure Hydro Gel Mask. With 45% of the mask ingredient containing the snail slime, it is said that it helps to balance and stabilize the skin condition, especially if one is experiencing any troubled skin condition due to stress. Based on the research finding that snails can regenerate at an impressive rate, pampering your skin with skincare products which contains snail slime extract will probably help to sooth and heal one's skin. Also, many beauty companies (even Europeans companies) touted the slimy secretions from these lackadaisical crawlers as ingredients which also help  to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, stretch marks, acne, scars and burns.

I am not sure if using this mask will indeed help in repairing your skin cells or smoothen the skin out, as I was only sent 1 piece of this, along with other Korean products, to test out. I guess you may need to use this for a few times before one can actually see visible results and deem it a Miracle Mask. But I have to say that my skin does feel more supple, when I touched it once I removed the mask! :)

And for the other products that were sent to me for review, there is another snail-related skincare product. And that will be 'more extreme' than this Miracle Snail Cure Hydro Gel Mask, in my opinion. And that will be in another blog post for another day! ;) Anyway, if you are interested to try this prosuct, you can get it at Watsons stores.

To end this blog post, allow me to share with you a tweet that I posted on my Twitter (@felizaong) about a month ago... 

It's true, I get fascinated watching snails.
But I'm sorry, I love eating 'em too.

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23 August 2012 at 00:38

Even the mask can't cover your beauty, you are beautiful princess. D3lonely

25 August 2012 at 00:36

Saying you beautiful, sexy not to make you happy, but you are really very beautiful and sexy. D3lonely

26 August 2012 at 01:00

Watching on some of your YouTube video. You look very attractive, and your voice sound really sweet. You are a wonderful girl with beautiful outlook and a sweet voice. D3lonely

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