Tiong Bahru: 40 Hands, BooksActually, IKYU, Bhutan

 To Tiong Bahru, I went...

 40 Hands

Our slow Saturday started with a late brunch (5pm!!!) at 40 Hands, a cafe known for their coffee, in Tiong Bahru, where many cafes and unique shops have been sprouting out. I arrived to a busy and crowded cafe, and thankfully managed to find a table in a jiffy despite that. And that's the charming Harry Grover (spot him in below pic), whom advocates sustainable coffee practices...


I have to say that the specialty coffee which 40 Hands serves was really aromatic.


I couldn't get my eyes off, analyzing the unique lighting structures in the 40 Hands cafe.
I like the roll-down menu that was fixated on the wall. Really unique.
The cakes that they displayed were placed on marble tiles.
Food was served in old-school metal plates.
Drinks were served in nice lil cups.
Interesting wall drawings.
Industrial chic design.



For food, we had the Eggs Benedict, Big Boy Breakfast and a basket of Truffle Fries. Eggs Benedict was alright. Sausage from the Big Boy Breakfast plate was good. Fine way of presenting the two dishes. Truffle fries was nice, but if they serve in thicker-cut fries, it will probably taste better.

Eggs Benedict


Big Boy Breakfast


Ever since I had truffles fries at Everything with Fries, I started liking them!
So a basket of truffle fries (S$8) was ordered and happily consumed away~



After the hearty brunch, we walked over to  BooksActually, an indie bookstore located just opposite of 40 Hands. Spent some time there reading some books, like the book on penguins (I think I spent a good 20 minutes reading ir), as well as published works by local writers.


Entering into BooksActually may have you to wonder if you are presently in the year 2012. The cozy ambiance and warm lighting, with music piping in the background enhanced the overall retro/nostalgic feel of the place. Other than books, there were the old-school typewriters which I feel you are really lucky if you have used one before, a rattan rocking chair sits proudly on the top of one of the book shelves. Retro robot figurines hang from the ceilings, watching over the whole book store. Retro cameras are in stock too.


Walk towards the left of the counter, and enter into another space, where you get all things retro and nostalgic...  A&W water bottle, country flag erasers (Were you one of those who collected those erasers and play against your schol mates back in Primary school?), old photographs, rusty hole punchers, China vases, glass cups printed with soft drink brand names and more. I felt I was on a mini memory lane tour.



IKYU is the new SEXY...

(Wondering what this place will be for. Still under renovation)



I have a soft liking for the lemongrass scent.
Thus, imagine my delight when I entered Butan and was greeted with the familiar scent?
A pleasant surprise indeed. It made me want to linger in the shop longer and explore the interesting, (quirky, maybe?) things that Bhutan has to offer.



It was already 7pm when we left the area. By then, Yong Siak street was quieter, returning Tiong Bahru to its rustic character. We left for Orchard for shopping next. It was a lovely Saturday, simply having a slow day, drinking a good cup of coffee, exploring stores that were not being visited till to that day, walking along the street.

I think this Michael Buble song "Haven't met you yet" really describes my feeling on that day.
*~Happy, cheerful, positive~*
So can't blame me for imagining my partner singing this song to me, if ever, one fine day.
The word is "IF". :p

My outfit of the day... What I wore...

020612 b


*** 40 Hands, BooksActually and Bhutan are located at Yong Siak Street (Tiong Bahru area). There is an open-air public carpark for cars to park, turn into the carpark entrance that is between Block 79 and 80. ***

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7 July 2012 at 00:24

Feliza is the new sexy, Feliza is the new beauty, You're always beautiful, d3lonely

7 July 2012 at 00:28

Like the flower dress, you look very sweet and attractive, d3lonely

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