Being a Singapore Tour Guide!

Ok, I have quitted my job. And now, I am a tour guide in Singapore, bringing overseas tourists/visitors on city tours around Singapore. And this was what I wore last Saturday to take an overseas visitor around. The outfit was certainly a reflection of what a bright and sunny day it was! :)

Feliza the tour guide.


Enough of joking around...
Yes, I was a tour guide, but only for a day. My overseas friend was in Singapore and I decided to play host and bring him around. And in the midst of doing that, I started taking photos of some Singapore sights. 

So I met my guest at Oasia Hotel (which I think this hotel is ideal for a staycation!), and I brought him for lunch at 2004 Novena Peranakan Cuisine, a restaurant that serves part of my heritage food. We had the Assam Pedas Fish Meat, Ngoh Hiang (MUST TRY!), Chup Chye, Bawan Kepeting (which is actually meatball soup. Again, a MUST-TRY!), with Chendol and Bubur Pulat Hitam as our desserts.

We made our way to City Hall, where we visited the Esplanade building, or also known as the 'Durian'. Afterwhich, we walked along the river towards the Asian Civilisations Museum, where I led him to the Sir Stamford Raffles statue. And boy, I was glad I remembered what I studied in Social Studies - Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore in 1819 (which I proudly shared this piece of information and more, with my friend). :p

Though I was supposedly playing host to my friend on that day, I felt like a tourist myself! Heh! Taking the river cruise on the bum boat and taking pictures... Re-learning the history of the bridges that link both sides of the land, as well as the various buildings and statues that could be seen while cruising along the river!

Taken while on the boat. 

There would be a video shown sharing snippets of information of the various sights that we would see as we passed by.


The Singapore Merlion, with the Fullerton Hotel in the background.




View of the buildings in the Central Business District (CBD) from the boat


View of the ArtScience Museum and Marina Bay Sands (MBS)


View of the Helix Bridge

(Which I remembered how the design and name came about, which I was more than happy to share it with my guest),

With the Singapore Flyer in the background..


The bum boat which you can see in the picture above was the one that I was on! When you purchase your boat ride ticket, you can tell the ticketing person where you would like to be alighted. For us, we decided to alight at MBS and explore the place.

By the riverside


This was an accidental shot, which I was rather pleasantly pleased with it.

I didn't know that my camera app was still on, so this was snapped even without me realising it till I looked through my phone's photo album when I was back home.

We walked around MBS before we stopped for a chat over ice-cream at Cold Rock Ice Creamery (MBS, #B1-60). And before we knew it, it was close to 7pm and we decided to head off for dinner+drinks.

Took this by the extension area on the Helix Bridge. 

I love the whole 'feel' of this picture, along with the elements of the skyline, sea, boat and buildings


We went to one of my favorite chill-out places... Lantern. It is a rooftop bar located at Fullerton Bay Hotel. We were in luck! The cabana seat (big round cushion seat facing MBS) was available... On a Saturday night! The view was good as my guest would be able to catch the laser show that went on at 8pm and 9.30pm .We drank and chatted till late, before I sent him back to the hotel.

And to end this post, a photo of me after a long day. Ciao! ^_^


4 Response to Being a Singapore Tour Guide!

14 May 2012 at 13:38

You did a good job to bring your friend around, but seriously, Singapore is fully of made-man and artificial things. None of your photos are image of natural resources or sight seeing. It is buildings, and some buildings and MORE buildings.

There are already millions of buildings in the world.

14 May 2012 at 13:50

Thanks! I know what you mean...

And erm, I think you meant 'natural places', not 'natural resources' right? Haha!

Anyway, I prefer the natural sights too, which I told my friend that we would be doing that the next time he is here... Like to head over to Sentosa, MacRitchie, Pulau Ubin for example. But sadly, there are not many places in SG that can be considered 'natural sightseeing places', unlike in Taiwan or Switzerland for example.

And I guess that day was more for catching up with each other than to realllllly to sightsee. We were at the ice-cream shop chatting away for close to 3 hours w/o even realising it haha!

15 May 2012 at 01:38

It won't matter where you bring them i guess,being you as the tour guide,will be a wondrful outing,D3lonely

15 May 2012 at 17:08

anonymous: this is Singapore, what you expect to bring ppl see natural places like in taiwan or switzerland..funny lol u

i always bring my overseas friend to MBS area to enjoy the night scene, that is the same as you going to hong kong to see the Victoria harbour

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