Dinner at Everything With Fries (EwF)

Had a 'catch-up dinner' with my Uni pal  Xuan at Bugis Junction recently, and we decided to have our dinner at Everything with Fries (EwF). Despite hearing so much of this F&B establishment and planning to dine there one day, I have not gotten the chance to do it till that evening.


We were famished by the time when we met. The after-work road traffic was not doing us any good either. We waited for a good long 20 minutes before our food was served to us. But before our plates were served to us, the pretty young waitress mistakenly served it to another table. And to add on, orders from 2 other tables were served to them first despite that we arrived and ordered earlier than them. :(

Xuan chose beef for his mains, and this dish was actually one of EwF's specialty dishes for the month. His fries serving was prepared with truffle oil, and it was quite a strong taste, but still acceptable enough.


But what was not acceptable was that the meat was prepared in the well-done manner although Xuan chose to have the steak medium-rare. Thus we gave our feedback and got the replacement after 10 minutes or so. One thing I like about EwF was that the pretty waitress was very pro-active to refill our glasses with water haha! And she's so 'smiley'~ :p

The 'replacement' steak


My order: Char-grilled Char Siew.

Handrolled pork belly roulade, char-grilled with garlic sauce.

The pork only had a slight hint of fat, and I liked how the skin was so crispy. The meat and sauce blended well together, and I liked how there was the sprinkles of cheese on my greens. As one can choose either shoestring fries (those thin ones like McD) or the thick-cut fries, I chose the latter. One can also choose from a variety of flavors for the fries - Original, Garlic, Sour Cream and Onion, Salt and Vinegar and Curry... Of which, I chose the curry flavor and it was FANTASTIC!

Despite that I was super hungry, I couldn't finish my meat. Perhaps the serving was too large, or that I was enjoying my curry fries so much that I kept eating them and had no room in my stomach for more meat! :p

We didn't have desserts as we were way too full (though I did thought of trying their popular Nutella Tart initially, another time perhaps!). Speaking of desserts, I am craving for chocolate molten lava cake now... Arghhh!!

What else is nice at EwF?
Share with me and I can give it a try next time! ^_^
Heard that they do not use process patties... Tried their burgers before?


Everything with Fries outlets:

40 Lorong Mambong (Holland Village)
458 Joo Chiat Road
Orchard Central
Bugis Junction

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