Review: EcoTOOLS 6 piece eye brush set.

I have been shopping around for makeup brushes, though I have not completed my mission for it. Meanwhile, I did an impulse purchase for this set of eye makeup brushes by ecoTOOLS. Impulse buy in this case was because I liked the idea that it was environmental-friendly... And that was enough for a reason to make the purchase. :p


Other than it was affordable, these brushes are eco-friendly, 100% vegan and cruelty-free! Yes, I am not a vegan, but it is nice and good to support a company and its product which helps in one way or another to sustain our environment. And do you know that it is World Environment Day on every fifth of June, and this is the day where worldwide awareness for environmental issues are stimulated and to encourage political and public action? Now you know! :)

The brush handles are made of bamboo (and as you know, bamboo can be found easily and it grows quickly) and it is rather comfy holding onto them. The bristles are made of taklon so it has the anti-bacterial qualities which is really awesome, since the brushes will be used on the face. I love how soft the brush bristles are!!! The aluminium part is made of recycled aluminium. EcoTOOLS stuff is so eco-friendly that even the plastic case is resealable and reuseable. :)

The brush pouch is so compact that is is perfect to take it along on my travel trips!

Btw, the pouch is made of natural cotton and hemp. :)
However it is rather flimsy to be honest... but I can live with it!


So this is the 6 piece eye brush set --> 5 brushes & 1 pouch.


Each brush type has its name printed on the handle (though some were kinda faded).
Using the above picture as a reference, the 5 brushes are... (Left to Right) >>>

(1) Large eye brush: To apply and blend shadows.
(2) Angled Crease Brush: To apply eyeshadow on crease for definition.
(3) Highlighting brush: To Highlight the brow bone and inner eye corners.
(4) Petite eye shading brush: To use with bold/accent colors for a bold look. I use it mainly on my double eyelids.
(5) Smudge brush: To smudge shadow and liner along the lash line to create smoky look.

The bristles are really SO soft that when I first bought it, I kept brushing it on my eyelids over and over again. It's like some sort of a massage (soothing feeling), IMO! LOL! It captures the right amount of the eyeshadow and allows me to apply it rather effortlessly! In short, I really like this eye brush set, and I am so glad with my purchase. :D

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