NATAS Fair 2012 (24 to 26 Feb)

Water Feature at Night

For those who love to travel, to have fun and seek new experiences, the NATAS Fair is back!

Happening from 24 to 26 Feb 2012
Singapore Expo, Hall 3B, 4 and 5
10am to 9.30pm
Admission Fees: S$4 (adults), Free for kids below 12 years old.

But MASTERCARD card holders....
Get S$1 off Admission Fee and Dedicated Queues

Enjoy S$1 off when you purchase two admission tickets with your MasterCard card.
In addition, MasterCard PayPass cardholders can pay for admission at dedicated MasterCard PayPass queues. Limited to a maximum discount of S$2 (purchased of 4 admission tickets) per MasterCard cardholder


For myself, I do not have any travel plans (to anywhere that s at least 3 hours flights away) for now, except for some upcoming ones for business, as well as leisure trips. In fact, I have just returned from my overseas business trip a few days ago. The weather over at the country was about 15 Degree Celsius, whereby night was about 10 Degree Celsius. A coat was more than sufficient, paired with a pair of leggings to keep my legs warm and well. There was a night where I even went out wearing just a coat, bodycon dress and my pair of heels. No leggings at all. Alright, it was rather cold, at 10 D.C.

Nevertheless, I may pop by for a visit this weekend.
Who knows I may be able to grab some awesome travel deals? :)

Somewhere, somehow...
One day, I do want to visit Barcelona, Athens, Kyoto, and of course... Tahiti.

You may want to read my past blog post,
where I shared my thoughts and tips for taking up travel/overseas tour packages.
[HERE] to read!! See ya!


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25 February 2012 at 10:38

You gettiing more and more attractive,from the first day i saw your posted photos till now,you just grow in beauty,you're a very sexy princess, but yet it not your sexy that make me said you're pretty,it every detail of you that make you pretty. Be it in real or photo, with make up or not,you're beautiful. d3lonely

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