Lunch at Itacho Sushi

Since last year, Itacho Sushi has been my regular casual sushi restaurant that I dine at, other than Sushi Tei. This establishment started in HK amd there are alot of branches in HK itself. In Singapore itself, they have opened 3 branches at Plaza Singapura, Ion Orchard and Bugis Junction. What draws me there, especially, is the chawanmushi (steamed egg) that comes with the ikura (fish roe).

Chawanmushi with fish roe

So my recent meal was no exception, whereby I ordered the chawanmushi with ikura. As I am currently watching my diet, I didn't order much for this round... So lack of pictures of the other food I have. But I had tried quite a number of food from the menu, and taken pictures of them. Probably will look through my photo archive and sieve out some for posting in future posts. :)

Fatty Salmon

They have a special menu just for tamago.
And this dish is one of the various types.


Salmon Belly

Ok, I wanted to eat vegs, so I ordered the crabmeat salad. But little did I know that I will be presented with this whole load of white mayo! That kinda defeated my purpose of watching my diet right? *pouts* So I scrapped out as much mayo as I possibly could. IF ONLY the staff was smart enough to ask customers if they want mayo or not. Discarding the presence of the mayo, I will recommend you to order this! :)

Crabmeat Salad


Anyway, sidetrack a lil before I end this post:
I am really happy of the results which I am getting from my effort of watching my diet and exercising. In 5 days, I lost 1.5kg and my body fat percentage went down by approximately 2%. And mind you, I have been eating regularly and did not skip any meals at all. Super happy! (^_^)

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22 February 2012 at 22:44

Hey Feliza!!

I liked this post, particularly the way you tie food and fitness together!!

When I was reading, I couldn't help but think about a possible connection for you... My friend Sucheta is a travel and food writer that may be a good connection for you. Here's a link to her blog:

If you want, you could contact Sucheta directly and just mention my name. If you would like an introduction, I could write a three-way e-mail. I love being able to connect people who share common interests.


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