No more 'Lil Princess'. And it's Valentine's Day!

If you have been following my blog for more than 2 years, you should know that I used to have a nick 'Lil Princess', and even to the extent of including it in my blog URL for my previous blog. And of which, I was ever featured and interviewed in The Sunday Times newspapers, TODAY newspapers, magazines, etc, based on my previous blog.

And this article was found in the
Malaysian newspaper publication: The Star. (15/Aug '06).

Well, there's more, but just that I don't have the soft copies.
The above 2 pictures were sent to me by Winnie back then.

So anyway, despite the extensive use of the term 'Princess' years ago... I outgrew this nick and stopped calling myself 'Princess' in any sort of situations to whoever or whatever, in the recent one or two years.

I mean, it will be nice to be my boyfriend's Princess... Why not? It certainly feels so sweet and loving, and feel so precious like to be his Precious Lil One whom he will love, dote and protect. But to be called a Princess at the age of 40 in future? Hello.... I should be called a 'Matriarch' or 'Queen' by then (if so I wish to be called something)! Thus, that was why the 'Princess' nick thingy kinda took a backseat. I'd rather be called 'My Lady', or 'My Highness'~~~ :p

When I was out for dinner and drinks last week, I came across a porcelain mug which I was instantly attracted to - Not for the color or design, but for the wordings, as seen in the picture below.


The words 'Formerly Princess' were what that caught my attention.
It was really something that I could really relate to.
And thus I really felt strongly that this mug was totally apt for me!

So I had to have it!

And also bought a diamond-encrusted cup cover that sticks to the mug tightly.

I think that the mug and cover fits perfectly for each other.
The combination of both made it looked so pretty, dainty and girlish.
I wouldn't insist on being hailed as a 'Goddess' by my Special Someone...
But being regarded as his Goddess, wouldn't be a bad idea! :p

So there you go... My new drinking mug for myself when I am in the office. :)

It's going to be Valentine's Day in less than an hour!

And this Valentine's Day,
let's play tribute to Whitney Houston with her song 'I Will Always Love You".

~* I LOVE YOU *~

To all the couples, embrace your Other Half on this special day.
To all the Singles out there, love will come your way one day.
And to the complicated ones... Think clearly and you will find your answer, your love.

Yearning for your touch, the physical you... To be by me...

~Le sens de l'amour~

2 Response to No more 'Lil Princess'. And it's Valentine's Day!

14 February 2012 at 00:18

You never too old to be name a princess, I believe even if you reach the age of 40, you will remain young and attractive. D3lonely

14 February 2012 at 10:51


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