Mango Clothes Shopping! Leap Year!

Not sure about you, but I do like to go shopping by myself sometimes. Other than the fact that I need not feel bad about making my shopping partner to wait around, I can shop in my own comfortable pace. Of course, there are times where I need a second opinion. And that's where the camera phone, Whatsapp (to my sis) and social media come to my rescue for my indecisiveness! :p

I have a VERY bad habit of buying clothes in different colors but of the same design. This is something that I am trying very hard to stop doing. But sometimes, the design fits me to the T that I can't help but to do so. *guilty* So when I came across this top (as seen in picture below), I couldn't decide on which color to buy...

Red is my favorite color... So I liked this alot.

But I felt it might be kinda 'loud'.
Afterall the front cutting is rather 'attention-grabbing' already.

(That's my new Dior bag which I have been carrying recently, will blog about it, with pics! Yay~)

And I thought the navy blue color is more subtle...
And I REALLY couldn't choose between these 2, so I ended up NOT buying any of it.



Please give me a round of applause. Heh~

But few days later, I was back at the Mango store, but this time, at another branch. I was looking for a coat, which I bought this one eventually (as pictured below)...

Neither too thick nor thin.
Great for normal day wear or to cooler countries with probably a 16-20 degrees Celsius.. or even at 10-12 degree celsius (at least for me lah~).

And pardon the way that I looked, was out without makeup.


Then I saw the top which I was so indecisive about...
And yes, I bought the top eventually.
The Navy Blue color. Heh! yup this one >>


Anyway, bought these few weeks ago, probably a good 3 to 4 weeks ago.
Haven't wear the navy blue top yet.
But I wore the coat when I was away in Taipei awhile ago.

By the way... Wow, today is 29 February... 2012 is a Leap Year. Happens only once every 4 years. And this is my thoughts on Leap Year and Love:
Leap Year is special, nice to spend it with your partner since it happens only once every 4 years... But it can be scary if you spend it with a new Love, with no clue if he/she will be spending it with you 4 yrs later.
Abit skeptical on new love you may say, but hey, you can't blame a Cancerian for being overly-cautious! :p

4 Response to Mango Clothes Shopping! Leap Year!

1 March 2012 at 01:20

You always look so attractive and beautiful,D3lonely

7 March 2012 at 22:02

You always look so attractive and beautiful. D3lonely

9 March 2012 at 01:44

Even without the make up, you look beautiful. D3lonely

15 March 2012 at 17:57

Hope everything go well for u,you always look extra beauty with a smile,but know what? Even with no make up,and foundation you still look so beautiful,you're really a very attractive lady princess feliza,beautiful not only by your sexy but overall, a pretty princess by the cover and inner world, d3lonely

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