My Journey with Marie France Bodyline (Part 3)

Here's Part 3 of my entry, of my journey with Marie France Bodyline (MFB)!
And in this post, it will be about the various types of treatments that I had throughout the few sessions I had at MFB. I really liked the fact that the treatments were all specially tailored to my needs and that there are specific treatments and machines which focus on specific parts of my body. In addition, the treatments are safe and effective, and are totally PAIN-FREE. Not that I am unable to take pain (In fact, I have a high threshold level for pain), but I have always thought that slimming treatments are probably very torturous... But after going for MFB treatments, that was not the case. In fact, it was relaxing and soothing that I usually fall asleep during my treatment. :)

As usual, I had to change to my bathrobe, disposable underwear and slippers. The reason to wear the disposable underwear is to avoid any of the slimming ingredients onto your precious La Perla or Chalone undies. :p Also, you can choose to remove your bra before you start your session... For me, I would as I feel more comfortable without it. But don't worry if you feel embarrassed, as the therapist would actually place a small towel onto your chest and use the cling wrap to go round your chest area.


These are the treatments that I had during my MFB journey. Although you may only notice that I went through like only a few treatments as described below, I did them more than once:

(1) Lymphatic Drainage Massage
This massage helps to promote a healthy lymphatic system by reducing any blockages, helping the lymphatic fluid to move smoothly throughout the body. By having a smooth movement, it improves our other body systems too. My therapist did this massage on my waist. She applied the right amount of pressure during the massage which felt so comfortable (Especially with her rhythmic hand massage strokes!) that I dozed off, haha! But I have to point out that I felt a warm sensation around my waist area... Probably it has something to do with blood circulation? But somehow, I do feel that such massages will help to burn some of the body fats.

(2) Perfect Body Mask
I have put masks for hair, hand, feet, face... But never a body mask. And so I had my first time trying out MFB's Perfect Body Mask. The therapist applied it onto my tummy area. It felt cooling, and then... I dozed off once again! That was how soothing the application process was. The mask contains collagen, which is an ingredient that I love to have in my beauty and food/drinks products!


My therapist shared with me that applying this mask regularly aids in attaining that awesome sexy silhouette! Erm, in that case, can I apply it everyday? LOL! So after leaving on my tummy for about 20 minutes, the mask would actually harden up. So imagine my surprise when I saw her removing it like it was 1 piece of plaster cast... Cos I thought the mask had dried up and had to be wiped off with a wet cloth.

Let all of ya to rest awhile and see my pretty picture.
Cos after this picture, you will be (somewhat) seeing my REAL figure...
Since I will be wearing a skin-tight bodysuit stocking
and you can see a rough shape of my figure (should I be naked or in a bikini)

(3) Cryocelle Phased Therapy (CPT)

This slimming therapy treatment is a process where stubborn stored fats is converted into energy, using the principle of "Thermolysis" (Meaning: Temperature Variance). This therapy promotes lymphatic drainage and deep tissue detoxification. By going through with this CPT, it helps to reduce my fat and cellulite deposits and provides relief for water retention. This also helps to improve my skin texture and also aids in my goal to achieve that awesome trim silhouette that I am aiming to have.

So this is the machine to use for the CPT.

This is the skin-tight bodysuit that I was telling you about.
I think you can choose to wear on your bra if you want to, but I preferred going without it.
It feels more comfortable to me. And yes, I have dignity, you know?
So I had to add on those black boxes to block out my private areas.
Other than that, no photo editing is done. So TA-DAH....
Oh yes, you can somewhat admire/critic my figure all you want.

This was the applicator that went round my full body.
My hands, legs, back, waist was given all the attention that they require.


There will be blue and green light rays emitting out from the applicator.
I felt like I was being scanned everywhere... LOL!


This treatment type is my most favorite of all the treatments that I have! Imagine lying on the bed and having like a revolving roller massager going around your body, pulling onto your skin and making it taut. I don't know if some may feel uncomfortable with that, but for me, I totally enjoyed it! I missed experiencing this in fact! :(


(4) Hot Thermal Insulator Wrap
After being scanned all over, I was asked to remove the bodysuit stocking and my arms and legs were being wrapped up like in the picture below.


Eventually, I was wrapped up in the thermal blanket, safe and secured.

With that, my therapist left me alone in the room while I went into a deep slumber for the next 20 minutes. I felt like I was lying on a thermal hot bed, and it felt so relaxing and comfortable. At that moment, I thought how great it is if there is a thermal bed like this, in a hotel room during the Winter season, instead of just the room heater. :p It was shared to me by my therapist that this treatment helps to prevent/reduce water retention and aids in converting those stubborn stored fats into energy.

Side track:
So far, do you realise that I kept falling asleep during most of the treatment sessions?
I can't help it! The treatments were totally pain-free and non-invasive!
It felt so comfortable and relaxing. ^_^

BUT there is 1 treatment which is SUPER EFFECTIVE, and I cna swear on it.
However, there is no way that I can doze off while undergoing the COLD TREATMENT. Yes, it was literally a COLD treatment! *brrrrrrr*

(5) Fat Mobilization System (FMS)
This was the ONLY treatment that I cannot take it because it was too cold. Yes, you can have the option of having a HOT wrap instead of this, BUT I was told that the Cold Wrap is more effective, so I firmed up my mind and soul to accept the freezing cold sensation of the wrap. By the way, this is MFB's signature wrap, so you know you will certainly see some results almost instantly. At least it did for me! :D

My therapist wrapped various long cloths that was soaked in their secret ingredient (which smelled rather herbal/medicinal by the way~) around both of my arms and legs, as well as my waist area. I felt like a MUMMY! :p Apparently, this therapy taps on our bodies' ability to burn excess fats through depleting the heat energy from within the body, which thus forces our body to compensate for the loss of heat energy through the conversion of the accumulated stored fats into energy.

For first-timers, the therapist would wrap a cling wrap over the cold wrap.
In this way, you will not feel that cold.

But subsequently, she wouldn't.
And it is not because they are stingy with their cling wrap...
But by going through the cold wrap process as it is, will be more effective.
So I beared with the coldness!


I have to add that the nice therapists which did the wraps for me would bring me hot towels for me to hold onto on and a hot cup of team while I beared the coldness while sitting in a nice room all by myself for 25 minutes.

So what also happens for that 25 minutes?
My hands get to enjoy a paraffin wax treatment, which softens them!
Say hello to the smooth hands of mine! Don't you just want to hold my hands now? :p


And other than the hand paraffin wax treatment,
I would be replying to tweets and emails...
Or I will be vain and take photos of myself as there is the long mirror in the room. :p



This pretty sums up all the various types of slimming/contouring therapies that I did at Marie France Bodyline. I hope the above provided you with a better understanding of how and what MFB can help you to attain that dream figure that you always wanted, or to lose those kilos which you have been planning to!

I will be posting up my final post for this MFB series.
Stay tuned!

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6 September 2011 at 01:36

Yes you always look pretty and sexy. Even you cover your private part, you still look very sexy and attractive. You not the kind of gal that need to show off every private part of you to attract people, just with your look, you can kill many. You are just beautiful and sexy by your look. D3lonely

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