My Journey with Marie France Bodyline (Part 4)

My final post to share with you about my
journey with Marie France Bodyline (MFB)!

I really enjoyed this journey with MFB.
I could go on and on but you probably get bored, so here's why:

1. Professional and knowledgeable team of Consultants
Fiona was put in-charge of me, and I really appreciated her professionalism and her splendid ability to listen to my needs and concerns before tailoring a personalized slimming experience for me.

2. Experienced. professional and friendly Therapists

Since the therapists were the ones whom I would spend the most time with during every session (takes about 1hour+ to 2 hours each time) that I went, I was glad that they were really professional and friendly. They were detailed and customer-oriented. One therapist to point out was Abby, who left me a deep impression and I really enjoyed my treatment sessions whenever she is assigned to me. She was thoughtful, friendly and her massage is AWESOME! :)

I have been to many beauty centres for massages, spas and facials, and I would say that the MFB therapists whom were assigned to me during this journey were really professional and experienced, and they really do know their stuff well.

3. Technology
MFB has the most updated and advanced technology and equipment to provide the best slimming services to us. They also make sure that their slimming consultants and therapists attend the most updated training courses which allow them to obtain new and timely market knowledge. In this way, I was ensured that I was receiving treatments using the best and latest machine technology.

4. Wide range of body slimming/contouring treatments
I was told that MFB offers more than 100 different types of treatments to suit individual needs. The personalized slimming experience for each individual are tailored accordingly, thus one can be assured of excellent slimming needs with no side effects. And whats more, I know MFB places emphasis on treatment efficacy, thus I know I am in good hands! ^_^

5. Nutritional advice from In-house nutritionists
I liked the fact that not only do they focus on body slimming/contouring treatments, MFB has her team of professional Nutritionists who offered practical guide on optimum nutrition and balanced eating, based on their understanding and after analyzing my lifestyle and dietary habits, health and slimming requirements. No strict diet was insisted and there was no calorie counting to do (that would be exhausting if there is, right? *PHEW*) .

The nutritionists offered brilliant food replacement recommendations, such as substituting my daily cup of milk tea ("Teh") with milk or soy bean milk, and going without the butter/mayo spread on my ham/cheese sandwiches.

I liked the idea that they provided nutritional guideline sheets for me as a reference. These serve me as a guide to choose my meals wisely. For example, if I eat Satay beehoon, it contains 38g of Fat, where ideally..... one's average daily intake of fat should be less than 30g. So by looking at the chart, I will go for penang laksa (2g fat) or beef noodle (4g fat). You see the vast difference!?


I admit I am a foodie. I enjoy tasting new dishes and having new gastronomic adventures. I do not eat to live, I live to eat (Of course, I didn't become overweight or big-sized despite eating, as I always ensure that I have my regular exercises). But naturally, I do not go for fast-food or deep-fried food much. Nevertheless, it was still a huge switch when I decided to change my diet and make smarter food choices, as I was really determined to lower down my fat percentage, and probably a kilogram or two.

6. Safe, relaxing and non- invasive treatments.

I have never been to any slimming treatments before. I always thought that slimming treatments would be really uncomfortable and painful since the goal is to eliminate those fats out. Boy, I was wrong. MFB treatments are safe and so comfortable that I normally dozed off.

7. Relaxed and clean environment
The place is certainly clean and smells nice too! The soothing music played throughout the place was a plus-point. The dim lighting provided that warm feeling.

Their shower and toilet facilities were clean and well-equipped.


In this period of almost a month, I managed to lose close to 2 kilograms in weight. My fat level dropped, and I felt healthier with my new and smarter food choices. The whole MFB journey was amazing and I really appreciate and am glad that I have the opportunity to work with Marie France Bodyline and experience this splendid slimming journey with them..... The World's Slimming Professionals. :)


As the idiom goes, "You win some, you lose some".
For me, I lost weight and I gained nutrition knowledge.
Totally awesome~ *winks*

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2 Response to My Journey with Marie France Bodyline (Part 4)

16 September 2011 at 14:49

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16 September 2011 at 14:50

Every dress somehow look extra beauty on you. You look so beautiful and sexy in your today dress; like the mini skirt. Very sexy and pretty. D3lonely

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