My Journey with Marie France Bodyline (Part 2)

Sorry for the late update, been busy with my travels...
But here's Part 2 of my journey with Marie France Bodyline (MFB)!! :)

There are 7 MFB branches in Singapore, and I had all my treatment sessions at their main outlet, which is located at International Building, level 8.

Reception counter at International Building branch.

The warm lighting and design of the place made it really intimate and cosy, and I felt instantly at ease and comfortable when I visited for the first time. I was shown around the place - The rooms were of full privacy, clean and cosy too. I can't help but to admit that the soft soothing music played in the background was really pleasant and could put me to a nice slumber/nap while going through my treatments.

View of the corridor.

So to have a nice body silhouette,
it is not just regular exercise and undergoing MFB treaments that are necessary...


You need to have a healthy diet!
And that''s where MFB in-house nutritionists come into the picture!


Before I started my first treatment, I had a consultation with the nutritionist. First, a body composition analysis test was done using the machine as seen in the right of the picture below. I love to have this analysis done as it is really very informative and detailed. It can even analyse the fluid distribution percentage in specific part of my body. And all these analysis are done by simply stepping onto the machine and holding on to the 2 'handles' for less than a minute. Cool or what!

After this test, I had my BMI taken with the machine at the left of the picture below. Honestly, I do not usually focus much on my BMI but I take it as a guide only. Reason being is that if one had more muscles than fats, their BMI is higher but that does not mean that they are fat. For example, body builders. But of course, for non-bodybuilders like me, I still pay attention to it, but not much... Especially since I am concentrating more on building my muscle mass (and fyi, muscles is heavier than fats).

Left: Machine for BMI.
Right: Machine for Body Composition Analysis.


After taking these 2 tests, my nutritionist ran through each section with me and pointed out the areas which I have to focus on. I think the only worrying this is my waist-hip ratio, which thus means that my treatments are to be concentrated on my lower half body.

On top of that, my nutritionist sat down with me, and told me to share with her my diet plan. I told her that my work nature requires me to have business meals with my clients, and my meal timings are not fixed. My everyday breakfast of 1 packet of milk tea (Teh) and 2 slices of bread with butter, cheese and ham, which I will buy near my office was to be changed, and she suggested replacing my mill tea with fresh milk (since I need protein in my diet), and that to have my bread without any butter spread.

There was more that she shared with me, but the most important thing was to start having a diet diary where I record the food and drinks which I consume daily, whuch will be reviewed during my weekly consultations with her.


I was also given some food guidelines, as to which type of food should be eaten more and which is to be avoided, as well as which food is high in protein, fats, etc. I felt that the guidelines were very helpful as I really referred to them before I decide what to eat during the period that I had my treatments.


For the past 3 months before my first ever session at MFB, I did not wear my pair of jeans at all. It so happened that I wore jeans on the day that I went for my treatment. And truth to be told, I felt that my jeans were rather tight at my thigh areas when I put it on in the morning that day. And so I was more than determined to slim down my thigh areas, and also my waist area!!!

After the consultation, I had another consultation done with the slimming consultant who discussed with me the areas I can improve and I also shared with her the areas I would like my treatments to be focuses on. She also did a height and weight measurement for me, and also measure the various parts of my body like my waist and hips. The slimming consultant is the one who will arrange different treatments during each visit of yours, based on your progress and your needs. Thus, one's treatment programme is tailored to each unique individual! Awesome~

Me! On my first visit to MFB.

I was shown to the changing room by my therapist, where I changed
into the bathrobe, bath slippers and disposable underwear.


After changing, the therapist brought me to do another weigh-in using a weighing machine scale similar to the one in the picture below, before showing me to my treatment room.

And so my treatments begin.....
........ More in Part 3! Stay tuned!

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3 September 2011 at 01:45

You always look so attractive. D3lonely

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