My Rainbow Xiao Long Baos!

Ever since my last time to Paradise Dynasty (located at Ion Orchard), I was looking forward to eat my rainbow Xiao Long Bao again! Colorful dumplings that look AND taste yummy! I blogged about it previously (with pics), which you can read it by clicking [HERE].


So quite awhile ago, I had a Xiao Long Bao dinner one day after work, whereby 2 of us ordered 4 baskets of it - Three rainbow xiaolongbaos & one original flavored xiaolongbaos. A total of 34 xiaolongbaos!


On top of that, he actually ordered 1 bowl of La Mian, but I forgot to take a picture of it, as I was busy (and happily) eating my rainbow xiaolong baos. By the way, I know they aren't called 'Rainbow Xiao Long Baos', and yes I do know that the dumplings are not of rainbow colors, but they are so colorful that this is what I called it as.


We also ordered Wo Tie....

And we ended our meal with dessert for each of us - Almond Jelly.

We were both super full after the meal.
4 basket trays of the dumplings, 3 chinese dumplings,
1 bowl of lamian and dessert is really no joke! :p

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