Shopping! Singapore Presidential Election! NATAS Fair! 2011

The past 2.5 weeks were really busy for me - I went to Bangkok and Taipei, and just last weekend I had a staycation at Quincy Hotel. And just this evening, a short holiday getaway for the long weekend was planned, and with bookings/payments made. Supposedly to have the trip from Sunday onwards, it was pushed forward to Saturday (which is tomorrow!). So after I cast my vote for the Singapore Presidential Election 2011 tomorrow morning, I will be heading off! A last-minute plan, but I am VERY excited! (^_^)

But no matter how busy I might have been, I was still able to shop online. And these were what I bought:

From where else? :)

Awaiting for it to arrive!

So who are you rooting for to be the next President of Singapore?
It will definitely be someone with the surname of "Tan"! Heh~

The NATAS Fair 2011 is also happening during this weekend. Since I will be out of Singapore, I will miss this travel fair. Supposedly thought of going down as I wanted to see if there is any good deals ofr a year-end trip. Oh well~ :)

So, anyway before I go...
Have a great long weekend!!! ^_^

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28 August 2011 at 15:49

I guess you will look extreme pretty with the two dress. Can't wait to see you putting them on. D3lonely

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