My Journey with Marie France Bodyline (Part 1)

Towards the end of June, I embarked on a journey with Marie France Bodyline, where I worked hand in hand with their professional team of consultants, nutritionists and therapists, towards having a more attractive silhouette (and maitaining it), via their slimming treatments, diet advice and my own exercise regime.

Why Marie France Bodyline?
Marie France Bodyline boasts a total of more than 20 centres worldwide and with more than 20 years of experience in this field. Their proven track record with international celebrities and clients was made possible since Marie France Bodyline (MFB) is able to tailor a programme to meet the client's specific needs, for visible and long-lasting results.

The pretty Bernice Liu chooses MFB!

Marie France Bodyline offers easy and 100% natural treatments, which the choice of treatment session will be recommended from more than 40 slimming programmes which the centre offers. This slimming system encourages depletion of heat energy from within the body, which then is forced to compensate for the loss of heat energy by burning off accumulated fats.

Thus, slimming comes naturally for one, and with lasting results... Without the hunger pangs, strenuous exercise and pills. And Marie France Bodyline carries a good range of equipments which assists in our journey towards reducing those extra pounds and inches during each treatment session!

I am really excited to be working together with Marie France Bodyline and to try out their cutting-edge treatments that are designed for stunning results. Most importantly, I know I can trust Marie France Bodyline, the World's Slimming Professionals, in helping me to work towards achieving a nicer, and more attractive silhouette! ^_^

I may not have a supermodel figure, but I think I am fine overall...
Just that attention has to be given to my thighs and waist area.
Having these areas to be slimmer will be just purrrrrfect!
And this is where Marie France Bodyline will be helping me with!



2 Response to My Journey with Marie France Bodyline (Part 1)

13 August 2011 at 08:28

Do you really need that? I think you already very beautiful and attractive. Be it is your thighs and waist I think any guy who saw you in that bikini photo won't even take their eye away. You already very beautiful, and you no need supermodel figure, cause you look far more sexy then most when even you wearing your mini skirt. D3lonely

21 August 2011 at 16:22

You getting more and more attractive and sexy. You are very beautiful in the past but every time look at your new photos, you look more and more attractive. Every dress look so good on you, be it you showing off of your beautiful cleverage a not, you just look very attractive. D3lonely.

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